Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TuTu & 'Stache Bash!

(Get ready for a picture bonanza...)
Last summer, when Jamie was born, she came in a trio of Hinckley cousins:

Jamie: June 24, 2011
Megan: July 9, 2011
Grant: September 24, 2011

So when Kendy and her kids came to visit right in the middle of all these first birthdays we decided to have a big joint birthday party for all three babies.

All the girls the night before making tutus for party favors, while all the boys went to a Ranger's game.
All our guests with their respective accessories:
Mustached boys

Tyler took his mustache-wearing very serious.

Tutu'd girls
Pretty Birthday Girl!
Each birthday baby had a cake: the girls got initial cakes with pink icing tutus, and Grant got his very own mustache cake :)
Some party decorations! (That didn't actually get printed out in time, but I thought they were so fun)

We played Pin The Mustache On The Grant and Pin The Tutu On The Jamie and Megan.
Birthday girls in their tutus watching the older kids playing party games
Tyler was SOO excited about playing the games
Oh well, Grant's armpit is just as good...
Birthday girls bored with the games and trying to break into the forbidden upstairs.
Water balloon toss outside!
Tyler was horrified that we were breaking the water balloons, and held onto this red one for twenty minutes, scowling at everyone who threw theirs.
Jamie did not join the water balloon toss, but she was so happy to be outside. She hadn't been feeling great that morning, and she was so happy to get to crawl around on the deck.
Cake time! The lineup...
And they're off!
I regret to report that Jamie is no stranger to cake. She knew just what to do with this slice. Megan watched her cousin in awe. Or disgust, I can't tell :)
The babies weren't shy about their cakes:
Grant developed an interesting technique. He dipped a pretzel stick into the icing over and over before diving in with his hands.
Jamie and Megan kept showing each other their fist fulls of cake and then looking under their plates for more.
The rest of the kids liked the cake too, although they were pretty adamant that the girls should only eat the girls' cakes, and the boys should only eat Grant's cake. Any deviation was quickly ridiculed.
A birthday-suit bath was mandatory after all that cake!

Thanks for coming everyone! We had a great time, and we are all are ready to sleep until their second birthdays next year.


The Desatoff Family said...

What a fun idea to celebrate all the babies together! Tyler is such a character. I love that he was very protective of his red water balloon :) Like his little treasure! Katie do you have a time-turner like Hermione? Seriously. How do you accomplish all this???

Kim said...

The Chevron 'stache?!? Bahahaha! I am still laughing out loud two minutes later. That is soo funny. What a fun party! I've seen these stache bashes popping up around the bloggy world, but what a fun idea to combine the girls and do a tutu party also! Your kids are so lucky to have you for a mommy - you are so fun! Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate too! Love you Jamie Baby!

Mom said...

Wow I am exhausted just viewing these pictures! Whoa Buddy! Tyler is a wise soul, that already understands the process of what happens with water balloons. Jaybees is her usual girly girl self. A tutu is her uniform apparently! So fun for everyone! Maybe you can help me come up with some creative ideas for Gma's gravesite. I would love to have a theme during different times of the year! Luv Y'all!