Monday, July 16, 2012

Catch Up, Blah, Blah, Blah

So I know you've all been on the edge of your seats waiting for Jamie's birthday party post, but you'll have to wait a bit longer because our camera cord is MIA, again. Thank you, Sony, for making such an obscure cord that we can't use one of our million other ones.

Quick life update!

Tyler finished his first year of preschool in May, and it was fantastic. He loved it, and we're trying our best to keep him busy during the summer until school can start again. Every Tuesday, a few friends come over in the morning to run through the sprinklers, and every Friday morning we have a swim party at a friend's house. Inevitably, sometime during the week, someone will invite everyone to the park on a whim. We are having a really fun, full summer already!

Jamie turned two last month, which is nuts! She had a raging awesome Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party, the details of which are forthcoming (darn you Sony).She is talking so much, and picking up more everyday, which really cuts down on her (and mine) frustration. She loves loves LOVES reading books with me during the day, and talking on the phone to anyone and everyone.

McKay recently discovered geocaching, and has been caching every spare second he can find. He takes the kids with him a lot, and Tyler calls it "looking for the treasures."          

I started the first half of Anatomy & Physiology this summer, and its intense! For the first time since having Tyler, I'm back in an actual classroom. A good friend of ours watches our kids three times a week so I can go. My brain is constantly swimming with phrases like "simple squamous epithelium" and "radial-ulna notch" but I am seriously loving it. It is fascinating to learn how our bodies work, and what everything is, and what everything is for. The break from being in the mommy zone is awesome too. I love my kids, but being someone besides Tyler and Jamie's mom for a few hours a week has been awesome. This is one of my last prereqs for nursing school, which I'll be applying for next winter.      

We had a really fun time on the 3rd of July at Kaboom Town in Addison. There was a huge festival with inflatable mazes, bungee jumping, concerts, tons of food and, of course fireworks at the end. We all had a blast until the first firework went off. Tyler clamped his hands over his ears and screamed, terrified that the falling bits of fireworks were going to land on us, run, run! He spent the next half hour huddled under a blanket, behind the stroller, in McKay's lap. Poor little man :( Jamie oohed and awed appropriately until she wanted to just watch Toy Story 3 on McKay's iPod.  

Biggest news though? We just had our home inspection on the house we had an offer accepted on in Heartland, and almost everything turned up perfect! (No sprinkler control system though. All the sprinkler heads, wiring, and pipes are in place, but no control panel. Huh.) More on that to come though as everything (hopefully) falls into place.

Happy July everyone!