Thursday, January 27, 2011


Things just got a whole new kind of crazy around here.

So here's a quick update on our little family. Still alive! Just really ridiculously busy!

Somehow, we neglected to mention that last summer McKay was hired on by They have been a great company to work for so far! I started school right after the holidays! I'm about 3 semesters away from finishing my BA in History Teaching through BYU's online program, which I'm really excited about. My cake decorating has also exploded into something I can hardly keep up with! Good for business, but not so good for blogging.

Tyler is a sunbeam now, which is just ridiculous to me, since he's still my baby boy. He loves it though, and he just thinks his teacher, Sister Eager is amazing (which she is, by the way; somehow, she manages to keep three 3 year old boys in check for two hours every Sunday). Tyler was a champ at potty training. It really only took a few days before he got the hang of it, and it was only a few weeks before he didn't need pullups at night. He's very proud of his underwear collection, which features all the Pixar characters, and he's quite disdainful of diapers now.

He is becoming more imaginative and curious all the time, and he wants me to pretend with him that we are airplanes or Wild Kratts. He is SO active, and it's hard to keep him from going crazy in our little home, so we go for walks in the morning. His favorite part is when we sit by the street and watch for semitrucks ("Macks" from Cars), taxis ("tracksies") and tow trucks ("Mator", who else?). He'll be starting preschool this year, and hopefully soccer too!

Jamie is seven months old, and is turning out to be a miniature of Tyler. She LOVES her older brother, and is so frustrated that she can't do everything he does. She likes to grab onto his shirt and tries to catch a ride as he runs by. She is sitting up, rolling over both ways, and is just about to start crawling. She's doing the cute little rock that tells me all the things in our home at knee level are in danger. We decided to take away her binkie this week because she was waking up so often at night because she kept losing it. She had a rough night or two, but she is officially binkie free now! I think I'm more upset about it than she is, because now I'm not sure what to do when she acts fussy :)

She eating more solid foods, and she's developing a bit of a diva personality, which I probably encourage more than I should.

Here's out Valentine's Day photoshoot that I told myseld we'd send out as Valentine's Day cards. (Yeah, right.)