Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pictures on a Sunday Afternoon

I love having 9:00 church. I love having the whole rest of the day to spend with my family, baking, or visiting people, or just spending time with McKay and the babies.

Making tortillas from an awesome Pinterest recipe HERE
Taking a break from playing to play with her favorite Christmas toy (thanks Grandma Eatough!)

And playing again. This toy is the envy of all when we have Tyler and Jamie's friends over.

Here's Tyler's little tortilla he made and devoured himself.
The most exciting part of the day! Tyler was picked for spotlight today in Primary, and it was a BIG DEAL. He ran up to the podium, and he just grinned and grinned the whole time. Every time the Primary counselor would read off something, like "Tyler loves to play with dominoes," Tyler would gasp and yell "I like to play with dominoes!" He got a red dog named Spot for being the spotlight that day, and it has not left his side. Or head.

A sad but pretty girl.

I know she's crying here, but she just looked so cute in her yellow and black outfit, I had to share. Love the warm weather lately, we've been busting out all of Jamie's summer 18M-2T clothes, and they are so so cute. Is it bad if you hope your toddler spills lunch on her clothes so she can wear more than one outfit that day? Or maybe she just has too many clothes.


Jamie has recently been really interested in saying goodbye to McKay every morning as he drives away for work. We have to sit on the porch and wave for a good 90 seconds while McKay gets in the car, backs out of the driveway, and then drives away. Yesterday this game evolved into saying goodbye to ME, closing the door, and then running away with McKay.

Catching me opening the door.

Saying, "Nooooo. Bye! Bye!"

And reset.

Here it just sort of descended into madness.

Blow Flowers

With all this crazy rain we've been getting, our backyard has bloomed into a magnificent field of dandelions, or as Tyler calls them, Blow Flowers. It seems like ten new ones open every day, so instead of just mowing the lawn or spreading weed killer like a normal person, I send the troops out to thin the dandelion population.

I've heard various reports of Daddy trying to coax ants onto the fluff to send them flying, like Flik on A Bug's Life, but no confirmations :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dallas, Oh Dallas

First Tuesdays at the Dallas Museum of Art have a three hour block of time for kids, and it is a blast. They have tons of activities and shows and face painting and projects, and each month has a different theme. Last week's theme was Shapes and Colors:

The place was packed, like it always is, but both Jamie and Tyler had separate but equal meltdowns at the end, indicative of a real good time.

See you next month, MOA!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dry Erase Inventory

So I love Pinterest. (I know, everyone does.) Love all those cute projects and decorations and fun ideas of stuff to do with your babies before they turn into people. My boards are stuffed with good intentions. But, rarely does a pin make it from my boards to real life.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...our newly inventoried fridge!!

What an awesome idea. Just a dry erase marker on your fridge! I am always clueless about what food we already have, and then I let so much cold air out rummaging around in there. Thanks Pinterest!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Jamie Love

I just noticed that most of our current posts are about food or Tyler, so I thought I'd through some Jamie love out there too. Our poor little girl is having a rough, fever-y week. But when she isn't screaming at us, she just wants to cuddle, which (almost) always makes my heart burst with love for her (twelve hours of sick baby does a number on you). Anyway, here's some Jamie trivia.

Jamie is 20 months old, and is almost as fast as Tyler. She is definitely her own person, and has been she was born, which is good, because you kind of have to own having a name like Jamie, (and the red hair too.) Where Tyler is easy going, Jamie is opinionated, and she is determined. Thankfully, this just translates into her working hard to get what she wants most of the time. But when she wants me to know she is mad at me, she looks right at me while she pulls her hair out of her ponytail. I think she knows the messy hair drives me nuts!

She has a ton of words. Most of them sound like "Bah", "Dah" or "Mah", but if you have the inflection, context, and maybe Jamie pointing at the object, you might figure it out. She still calls Tyler "Tada!" which always makes us laugh.

She LOVES the outside, and she pouts all morning if she and I don't sit on the porch in the morning to watch Daddy drive to work.

She has this Ker-razy look she does soley to make me laught. She extends her jaw, bares her teeth, widens her eyes, and raises eyebrows. She looks like a maniac, and I laugh So Hard whenever she does it. I have a picture somewhere, I'll post it when I find it.

Still loves shoes. We currently have five shoes that are missing their pairs. We only have two that have matches.

She says prayers now, much more willingly than Tyler, and always claps the loudest after we say Amen.

She. Loves. Tyler. She tries her best to save him from time outs, even when he is there for being mean to her. Also, if Tyler is dawdling while we are walking out the door and I tell him Jamie and I are going to leave him there if he doesn't hurry (I am so awesome at mothering), Jamie shrieks in alarm louder than he does. She loves him so much I have to block his door during naptime with a chair, so if she wakes up before him she doesn't storm his room screaming "Tada! Heyyy, Tada!!"

She has sad, sensitive skin that needs special baby lotion after her baths or she'll break out into horrible rashes. And just yesterday we discovered we should NOT use Oxi-clean on her clothes, no matter how much of a moneymaker it was at Walgreens.

Jamie is starting to like nursery more than not. She still has reservations, especially when I am the one dropping her off, but I hear reports that she is getting very social and funny in there (I say I hear, because if I try to peek, she ALWAYS sees me and freaks out. So I just stay away until pickup time).

Lastly, she is really not a baby at all anymore. She can run fast enough to keep up with all her's and Tyler's friends. She plays with the same things Tyler does (so far, Thomas wins over anything pink and princess-y). But when she feels sick, she wants to be held, and she always tucks her little hands in between our tummies, and then nestles her head into my neck.

Love this girl!

High End Bribery

Tyler is pretty clear about one thing: getting his hair cut is the worst thing in the history of ever. And because he thinks this, it MAKES it the worst thing in the history of ever to be the one cutting his hair. And because of this, months go between his haircuts, until he starts to teeter on the edge of having Hanson hair, only wavy, because he inherited my hair, lucky boy.

The regular bribes (M&Ms, trips to the science center, walking to the park) do not hold water in this situation. And the tough love approach, as I discovered to my horror last time, results in big bald spots on the side of his head.

Anyway, I found the perfect bribery today.

Browsing, browsing...
Jamie, tolerating us moving her from her sick bed again. Poor girl!
The Loot! Chocolate Cream Dessert from Eatzi's! Seriously guys, go there.
Happy boy. Good looking hair. Happy Mommy.