Monday, March 5, 2012

Jamie Love

I just noticed that most of our current posts are about food or Tyler, so I thought I'd through some Jamie love out there too. Our poor little girl is having a rough, fever-y week. But when she isn't screaming at us, she just wants to cuddle, which (almost) always makes my heart burst with love for her (twelve hours of sick baby does a number on you). Anyway, here's some Jamie trivia.

Jamie is 20 months old, and is almost as fast as Tyler. She is definitely her own person, and has been she was born, which is good, because you kind of have to own having a name like Jamie, (and the red hair too.) Where Tyler is easy going, Jamie is opinionated, and she is determined. Thankfully, this just translates into her working hard to get what she wants most of the time. But when she wants me to know she is mad at me, she looks right at me while she pulls her hair out of her ponytail. I think she knows the messy hair drives me nuts!

She has a ton of words. Most of them sound like "Bah", "Dah" or "Mah", but if you have the inflection, context, and maybe Jamie pointing at the object, you might figure it out. She still calls Tyler "Tada!" which always makes us laugh.

She LOVES the outside, and she pouts all morning if she and I don't sit on the porch in the morning to watch Daddy drive to work.

She has this Ker-razy look she does soley to make me laught. She extends her jaw, bares her teeth, widens her eyes, and raises eyebrows. She looks like a maniac, and I laugh So Hard whenever she does it. I have a picture somewhere, I'll post it when I find it.

Still loves shoes. We currently have five shoes that are missing their pairs. We only have two that have matches.

She says prayers now, much more willingly than Tyler, and always claps the loudest after we say Amen.

She. Loves. Tyler. She tries her best to save him from time outs, even when he is there for being mean to her. Also, if Tyler is dawdling while we are walking out the door and I tell him Jamie and I are going to leave him there if he doesn't hurry (I am so awesome at mothering), Jamie shrieks in alarm louder than he does. She loves him so much I have to block his door during naptime with a chair, so if she wakes up before him she doesn't storm his room screaming "Tada! Heyyy, Tada!!"

She has sad, sensitive skin that needs special baby lotion after her baths or she'll break out into horrible rashes. And just yesterday we discovered we should NOT use Oxi-clean on her clothes, no matter how much of a moneymaker it was at Walgreens.

Jamie is starting to like nursery more than not. She still has reservations, especially when I am the one dropping her off, but I hear reports that she is getting very social and funny in there (I say I hear, because if I try to peek, she ALWAYS sees me and freaks out. So I just stay away until pickup time).

Lastly, she is really not a baby at all anymore. She can run fast enough to keep up with all her's and Tyler's friends. She plays with the same things Tyler does (so far, Thomas wins over anything pink and princess-y). But when she feels sick, she wants to be held, and she always tucks her little hands in between our tummies, and then nestles her head into my neck.

Love this girl!

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