Monday, March 30, 2009


Up until a few weeks ago, we just assumed Tyler was the strong, silent type, but I think he's just on the verge of his vocabulary exploding. He understands most of what we say to him, and he's starting to try to say words like "cheese" and "shoes." Here's some of what he said this morning:

"Did it!" (just before he falls in the basket :))
"Thank you"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aren't We Cultered?

Last Friday, McKay took me to see Marriage of Figaro at the Capitol Theater, a real live opera! My wonderful friend Melissa watched Tyler for 6 hours while we lived it up, Salt Lake-style.

Just in time for the sunset.

This was our second attempt at opera (the first, failed attempt being Book of Gold, an operatic version of Joseph Smith's life). This time, I think I'm converted. Besides the actual performance being amazing, there was plentiful entertainment in the other guests. One guy wore a tux and a top hat! I wanted to take a picture, but McKay thought it would have been rude.

Us in the entry. Thank you, girl in the prom dress!

A splendid view from our very high, very in-the-back seats. Thanks for a fun night, honey-man!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hiking the Y and J-Dawg's (Oh, yes)

We decided that two years is enough of a lag between hikes up to the Y, so we went again last Saturday. It was a first for Tyler, and he LOVED it. We borrowed a baby hiking back-pack from the Harston's, and my manly husband carried Tyler up the mountain. I'm so impressed.

Tyler was our little cheerleader; he kept shouting to McKay, "Go, go, go!" McKay did not appreciate this on some of the longer switchbacks. When we let Tyler out up at the top, he kept trying to jump over the ledge, so we didn't stay up too long.

McKay and Tyler, about half-way up.

Here's Tyler and me actually on the Y. McKay said I had to include a picture of me, even if I was red-faced and sweaty in it. Gross.

We celebrated later with J-Dawg's. If you've never been, it's heaven on earth.

Tyler chasing sparrows around the stand.

In all its secret sauce and banana pepper-y glory, this is my J-Dawg's polish Dog. I think I need another one right now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sub Zero Adventures

We went out a few nights ago to Sub Zero Ice Cream, and we thought we'd share the experience.

They actually freeze your ice cream right there using liquid nitrogen. It's super creamy, and somehow (they were advertising it on the wall) when they freeze it this way, cup for cup you get way more ice cream than you would anywhere else. I think it's true, look at the size of ours, we ordered mediums!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Mr. Hinckley

Normally, our blog is a thinly veiled shrine to Tyler, but I think I'll take a post to declare to the world that my husband is the finest specimen of man known to the earth. The reasons for this declaration are many and varied. He is thoughtful. He dotes on me and Tyler. He makes normal life ridiculously fun. And he is an anchor to our family. He keeps us on the right track. Do I exaggerate? For evidence, I submit these:

1. He's got that old-time Southern charm going. "Yes'm" and taking his hat off and opening doors and a barely there Texas drawl. Also, an endearing addiction to the Cowboys, the Mavericks, and the Plano Wildcats.

2. He knows I get grumpy when I haven't left the house all day, so he's always planning spontaneous little outings to get me out and about. Last week, he took me out for sushi. This week, he bought us tickets to see BYU Men's Chorus perform. Case in point.

3. In an attempt to support me in my endless quest for pre-pregnancy poundage, and also in response to my laundry strike, McKay hid the cookie jar in our hamper.

4. To support our little family through our last years of college, McKay has taken on some of the most menial jobs when there weren't any others to be found, including carpet cleaner, pest control technician, and sandwich maker at the fabulous Subway in the Cougareat. 5. He rubs my feet when he gets home from work and school.

6. When the last Harry Potter book came out, I was seven months pregnant, and in no mood to wait in line to get our copy. I went to bed grumpy that night, but woke up to a copy of it on my nightstand, compliments of McKay getting up two hours early to go to Walmart for it.

7. He and Tyler have their own language and jokes that I don't even understand, but they laugh like there's no tomorrow when they're playing.

8. His determination to see the best in everyone. Even shady car salesmen.

9. Last, by by no means least: sorry, ladies, but I've got the best dang kisser. Hands down.

In review, aint no other man but you.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Dream Job

If I could do anything in the world, I love to own and operate a cute

little corner bakery

Of course, I can't really do much about it right now, so for now I'm researching

and perfecting all my baking recipes, with the help of my little taste tester.

These are my most recent find: giant chocolate chip cookies that really taste like bakery cookies.

Tyler definitely approves.