Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aren't We Cultered?

Last Friday, McKay took me to see Marriage of Figaro at the Capitol Theater, a real live opera! My wonderful friend Melissa watched Tyler for 6 hours while we lived it up, Salt Lake-style.

Just in time for the sunset.

This was our second attempt at opera (the first, failed attempt being Book of Gold, an operatic version of Joseph Smith's life). This time, I think I'm converted. Besides the actual performance being amazing, there was plentiful entertainment in the other guests. One guy wore a tux and a top hat! I wanted to take a picture, but McKay thought it would have been rude.

Us in the entry. Thank you, girl in the prom dress!

A splendid view from our very high, very in-the-back seats. Thanks for a fun night, honey-man!


Cindy said...

I heard you were going--very cool!

The Coxes said...

Looks like fun!! Kendy :)

Mom said...

How ice of him to take his skinny wife out on the town! Good work Bug!