Friday, February 26, 2010

The Funny Duck and Muckeys

While trying to appease Tyler's obsession with airplanes, I found a really old Mickey Mouse cartoon (like 1928 old) that had Mickey building an airplane. To my surprise, Tyler loved Mickey, who is now "Muckeys," more than the airplanes! Naturally, I supplied him with more Mickey cartoons, which led to the discovery of Donald Duck, whom Tyler has dubbed "the funny duck."

I don't complain much about it, because really, who doesn't love watching Donald making delicious GOLDEN-BROWN waffles again and again?


I am thankful for a husband who ignores my rants about my inability to keep plants alive, and waters them for me when I abandon them outside.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Towels and Other News

After bath time, the Tyler In A Towel Show comes to town.

First he runs around the house laughing and hopping, tightly wrapped up, still sopping wet.

Then he starts to lose his towel, and he plays peek-a-boo with us from under it.

Then he loses the towel completely. Chaos ensues.

In other news, we are doing just swimmingly here in Hinckley Central, Plano, TX. Tyler and I spend our days running (literally) around the house with Evelyn and Edison, Tyler's cousins, whom he lovingly has named "Eh-von" and "Eh-son," and of course, Aunt Marie ("Ah-me!") Baby #2 has stopped nudging me like a cute little butterfly, but has developed a karate kick that makes my whole belly shake. Another boy? I think so. (No hard evidence on that yet!) McKay has had a few interviews, and is waiting to hear back from them while still looking for other options.

I have successfully killed off a small kitchen herb kit, which makes me a little nervous for a full-fledged garden. Luckily, there is SNOW in the weather report for this week, so we can put it off for a little while longer.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated with scrambled eggs, ketchup and heart shaped toast:

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake to soothe my itch to bake:

A Rose and Tums for my after-dinner fire burps (from McKay). Note that he picked out all the red ones that I don't like them because they are spicy and make my heartburn worse.

And a Chinese New Year's Party:

Happy Love Day! I love my boys!


As promised:

8 weeks:

17 weeks:

21 weeks:
So here we are, 21 weeks on Valentine's Day. Halfway there! Hopefully I won't get twice as big as this!

I am officially in my very largest non-maternity pants, and they are getting tight. I can't decide whether I should buy the next size up or just get maternity pants. The problem is that with every size I go up, the pants get longer and longer, and I am not getting any taller. I'm already double rolling the cuffs as it is, so this could be an issue.

My sisters and I all share a big box of maternity clothes. Each time someone uses it they add their new purchases to it, so it is quite large and quite fashionable (someone has added a pair or maternity Sevens in the last year, and I am quite excited about that). My sister Robin has it at the moment, and I suppose she's got priority, being 36 weeks pregnant and all.

So for now, hello size 10.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have a problem...

I have become incredibly lazy.

Maybe it's from being pregnant, from moving back into the in-laws house and assuming they will be my mommy, or if it's a mix of both, but I have really slid into non-productivity. Tyler and I spend our days at the park if we're lucky (it's one block away), on the couch if we're not. Thomas the Tank Engine rules our lives, and when I can't listen to the same episodes anymore, we get more from the library.


1. Hinckleys: I'm sorry I don't always do my dishes, and that sometimes I leave my smelly running shoes around the house, and that I hog the computers to veg out on facebook, and that I eat lots of ice cream during the day so there's no Blue Bell left for the breadwinners.

2. McKay, I'm sorry I get bored and come distract you from your job search several times a day, driving you out of the house to the library or some other quiet place with Wi-Fi.

3. Eatoughs, I'm sorry I'm a bad phone-answerer, and a worse caller-backer. It will get better, I hope :)

4. Kristen, I'm sorry your present is two months late. I'm stuffing the box with awesome extra things (not food things) but it's on its way, I swear.


1. Present will be sent out THIS WEEK. No exceptions.

2. I will talk to at least one Eatough each week.

3. Projects! My mom keeps telling me that Eatoughs need structure, or we just wander around aimlessly. So I'll be experimenting with square foot gardening this spring. I've got the other women in the house excited about it already, and Marie actually has a degree in Horticulture, so we can't fail.

If I don't blog for another month or so, you can assume I am busy gardening and being a respectable human being.

Or that I have slid back into a Thomas and ice cream induced haze.

PS: I still can't find my camera cords, but rest assured, we are taking pregnant pictures.