Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have a problem...

I have become incredibly lazy.

Maybe it's from being pregnant, from moving back into the in-laws house and assuming they will be my mommy, or if it's a mix of both, but I have really slid into non-productivity. Tyler and I spend our days at the park if we're lucky (it's one block away), on the couch if we're not. Thomas the Tank Engine rules our lives, and when I can't listen to the same episodes anymore, we get more from the library.


1. Hinckleys: I'm sorry I don't always do my dishes, and that sometimes I leave my smelly running shoes around the house, and that I hog the computers to veg out on facebook, and that I eat lots of ice cream during the day so there's no Blue Bell left for the breadwinners.

2. McKay, I'm sorry I get bored and come distract you from your job search several times a day, driving you out of the house to the library or some other quiet place with Wi-Fi.

3. Eatoughs, I'm sorry I'm a bad phone-answerer, and a worse caller-backer. It will get better, I hope :)

4. Kristen, I'm sorry your present is two months late. I'm stuffing the box with awesome extra things (not food things) but it's on its way, I swear.


1. Present will be sent out THIS WEEK. No exceptions.

2. I will talk to at least one Eatough each week.

3. Projects! My mom keeps telling me that Eatoughs need structure, or we just wander around aimlessly. So I'll be experimenting with square foot gardening this spring. I've got the other women in the house excited about it already, and Marie actually has a degree in Horticulture, so we can't fail.

If I don't blog for another month or so, you can assume I am busy gardening and being a respectable human being.

Or that I have slid back into a Thomas and ice cream induced haze.

PS: I still can't find my camera cords, but rest assured, we are taking pregnant pictures.


Mom said...

Your present had better be brimming with love because you spelt my name wrong
♥ kristen

Katie said...

You can't prove anything. Please don't send another time bomb in the mail.

The Desatoff Family said...

I say lay back and revel in the ice cream induced haze :) It's the perfect excuse! "It's not for me, it's for the baby!"

Cindy said...

You will never, ever, regret those days spent at the park or on the couch with your Tyler. Relax & enjoy! And should the Bluebell go quickly, I will remind you of what I used to tell my children: There is more ice cream in the world :):):)

The Grandmoo said...

Hey Katie, It was good to find out the reason we have not received any communication from you. It really is ok to be lazy but its time to come back to some and join in so we all know that your doing ok. I hope you have found your old camera and have put in Kristen's extra special present.
Love you, your Grandmoo