Monday, January 18, 2010

We interrupt this blogging break to tell you I have the coolest in-laws...

I've been hearing a lot of people saying in the last weeks that they wish they could do something for the people in Haiti. But McKay's family is doing a few somethings:

My brother-in-law Brady, who is a doctor in the Navy, is being deployed on Tuesday to serve on the U.S.N.S. Comfort (a hospital ship) off the shore of Haiti to help with the thousands who need medical help. He doesn't know how long he could be there (six weeks to six months is all he's been told), but we are so proud to be related to him.


We are also amazed at Brady's wife, Kendy, who will be without a husband indefinitely, who will be with their two children, and who is twelve weeks pregnant right now. These are amazing people!


Mom said...

And to think that we have to deal with tornadoes here in So Cal! Kendy,Brady & family:you're all in our prayers :)

The Grandmoo said...

Wow, how great that is. I can tell how proud you all are of
their commitment to helping those poor people. They truly are amazing. Take care, love you all
your Grandmoo

The Coxes said...

Awwww......I just checked your blog. Thanks so much!! I wish they would stop putting off his deployment, and just let the boy go already!! Kendy :)