Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Week!

This is a little late in posting, but man, when you see everything we did, you'll know why! Be prepared for a zoo of pictures and videos. First off, and most importantly, it was Tyler's first birthday on the 19th! He got tons of presents (thank you so much everyone!) and too much cake, of course. We had Uncle Patrick and soon-to-be Aunt Michelle over to make it a party!

Wearing his new pajamas and checking out his walker. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Eatough!

This cat is one of the winners from Tyler's presents so far, and the reason why is that it makes a loud, obnoxious meowing sound, and Tyler loves it. Thanks, Kendy.

Helping Daddy build his walker.

Uncle Patrick and Michelle. Isn't she cute? We love her already.

Then, on Friday, we went to our ward's Halloween party, and Tyler dressed up as a monkey. He didn't mind it too much, but I think he wanted to carry it around more than he wanted to wear it. I dressed up as a mouse, and Tyler was quite enamoured of the tail.

All our friends in costume.

Tyler got a hold of someone's light saber at the party, and it was pretty much amazing. McKay thinks he looks like an Ewok in this picture.

Saturday was my birthday, and McKay took me to Tucano's, an amazing Brazilian restaurant, and then he had the waiters sing to me in Portugese. I smile a lot and cover my mouth when I'm embarrassed, so see if you can tell in this movie.

That's all for now. Whew!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Pictures

This week, we went and had some pictures taken, which was so much fun for Tyler. They had tons of little props for kids to play with during picture-taking, and Tyler was smitten with this car. This was one of the only pictures of him on it that he didn't have a huge, crazy smile on his face from excitement. Don't worry, Grandma's, copies of the pictures are on the way!

McKay and I had had another project this week. I saw this really cool home decor idea on a morning show. You take any picture that you like and use it at a website that blows pictures up for you, and then it gives you the pages in adobe photo shop form, and you print them out yourself. You end up with a HUGE picture (up to 20 meters in length, if you want), and we put them in a bunch of 8 X 10 frames. This is what we ended up with:

It looks pretty cool in person. We feel pretty artsy :) If anyone wants to do it too, the website that does it is

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall is here!

Well, winter is officially on its way. We woke up this morning to a windy 39 degrees, and unfortunately, it looks like snow for this weekend, so we'll see how that goes (cross your fingers, everyone!). Tyler got to try out his new snow gear this morning. The mittens seem to be going over well; he couldn't stop chewing on them. Something kind of funny happened on one of our runs this week: we were running past this older lady's house, like we do everyday, and on this particular day, she offered us some zucchini. I guess she had some extra from her garden this year, and we thought it was nice of her to offer. Well, she brought out this gigantic zucchini. This thing is the size of Tyler! One way or another, I ended up with the thing, so if anyone has any good zucchini recipes, let me know, pronto!

Friday, October 3, 2008


This last week, Tyler and I went to the Bean Museum with a bunch of our friends. The museum is basically someone's huge collection of stuffed exotic animals. Kind of a gross hobby, but fun to look at, especially with a 1 year old, who is just starting to realize that animals are different from any other inanimate object.

This baboon was pretty much the greatest thing the museum had to offer. It was a battle tearing Tyler away from it.

These wolves were pretty cool too.

Before I started recording, Tyler was calling the lions "gogs" (dogs), but I think he could shy in front of Hailey (the girl next to him).

For some reason, Tyler LOVED these deer, almost as much as the baboon. Not even a Bengal Tiger could get his attention away!