Friday, October 3, 2008


This last week, Tyler and I went to the Bean Museum with a bunch of our friends. The museum is basically someone's huge collection of stuffed exotic animals. Kind of a gross hobby, but fun to look at, especially with a 1 year old, who is just starting to realize that animals are different from any other inanimate object.

This baboon was pretty much the greatest thing the museum had to offer. It was a battle tearing Tyler away from it.

These wolves were pretty cool too.

Before I started recording, Tyler was calling the lions "gogs" (dogs), but I think he could shy in front of Hailey (the girl next to him).

For some reason, Tyler LOVED these deer, almost as much as the baboon. Not even a Bengal Tiger could get his attention away!


The Desatoff Family said...

What a fun outing for a 1-year-old (almost!)Where is the Bean museum? Are you getting snow today? We have rain, yippee!!! Goodbye summer :)

The Coxes said...

Katie - well that baboon WAS pretty awesome...I don't blame Tyler for loving it. Kendy :)