Sunday, February 14, 2010


As promised:

8 weeks:

17 weeks:

21 weeks:
So here we are, 21 weeks on Valentine's Day. Halfway there! Hopefully I won't get twice as big as this!

I am officially in my very largest non-maternity pants, and they are getting tight. I can't decide whether I should buy the next size up or just get maternity pants. The problem is that with every size I go up, the pants get longer and longer, and I am not getting any taller. I'm already double rolling the cuffs as it is, so this could be an issue.

My sisters and I all share a big box of maternity clothes. Each time someone uses it they add their new purchases to it, so it is quite large and quite fashionable (someone has added a pair or maternity Sevens in the last year, and I am quite excited about that). My sister Robin has it at the moment, and I suppose she's got priority, being 36 weeks pregnant and all.

So for now, hello size 10.


Judy said...

You look so cute and happy! Congrats again!

The Desatoff Family said...

Hang in there Katie. The great box of maternity clothes will be shipped off to you in just a few weeks :) And then you will be able to breathe again! I love that we have so many sisters to help us feel somewhat cute during our 9 months of being with child. You look adorable!

Milloy Family said...

You are an adorable pregnant person! And I would like credit for the super cute black maternity dress that is in the box. You are going to LOVE it!

The Desatoff Family said...

What black dress??! It didn't make it in the last sister transfer. I had to go to Ross to find some pregnancy-friendly church dresses. Lolo? Are you holding out on me?

carina said...
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