Friday, February 26, 2010

The Funny Duck and Muckeys

While trying to appease Tyler's obsession with airplanes, I found a really old Mickey Mouse cartoon (like 1928 old) that had Mickey building an airplane. To my surprise, Tyler loved Mickey, who is now "Muckeys," more than the airplanes! Naturally, I supplied him with more Mickey cartoons, which led to the discovery of Donald Duck, whom Tyler has dubbed "the funny duck."

I don't complain much about it, because really, who doesn't love watching Donald making delicious GOLDEN-BROWN waffles again and again?


Milloy Family said...

Muckeys - pah! That is so funny! I love this cartoon. The old ones are the best ones for sure. Good job for exposing Tyler to quality cartoons. Nick Jr's got nothing on the original Disney cartoons.

The Desatoff Family said...

I love that he calls Donald "the funny duck"! Is this the one where he makes the rubber cement pancake for Chip and Dale? Maybe not. But, they're all so good! I always try to sneak in some old school Looney Tunes or Mickey cartoons into Adam's TV time for my enjoyment, but he is hooked on Nick Jr. He doesn't know what he is missing!

The Grandmoo said...

I can remember all these old cartoons. It is great to see them again. I think Tyler is doing so good with his Muckeys and Funny Duck, how great to see him enjoying funny stuff instead of the newer weird ones. I am still waiting for a baby update. Take care Love you lots, Your Grandmoo