Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Today was a day.

While everyone else colored pictures, Tyler covered his arms in bright red marker stripes. I gave some applesauce to keep him busy while I went to get a rag wet to clean him up.

When I came back, he was carefully dropping it by the spoonful into the silverware drawer.

He was in and out of time out all day for pushing Edison.

Quite obviously, this is a boy who does what he wants.

Later in the day, we went to visit Great Grandma Griffin.

Something began to click...

We brought her some leftovers from dinner. Grandma does not eat what she doesn't want to eat. She promptly put it in the fridge and pulled out some ice cream instead.

Grandma lives in an assisted living home. She refuses to go to the activities held there, because she doesn't like to be around old people. She's 85.

Grandma has a physical therapist who comes a few times a week to help her do exercises. In her own words, "sometimes I don't want to, and they can't make me."

Now, don't get me wrong. Grandma is never unpleasant or pushy. She is the sweetest old lady I know. This is just a Grandma who does what she wants.

No wonder she and Tyler are such good friends.


Melissa said...

Where did you get the pictures! This is so so so cute! What a treasure.

KM said...

What fun pictures! I agree, Tyler definitely has some inherited traits. The most important one being happiness from his mommy and daddy! And good for Great Grandma Griffin. When I am 85, you'd better believe I'm going to do what I want. That reminds me of Dad feeding Grandma Eatough strawberries when she was in the hospital. Once you get old enough, you get a free pass on everything. Love you!

Mom said...

He's my Tywers and I love him :-)

He will never go through the terrible twos. He is perfect.

Y 'all shoulda turned on Muckeys and the Funny Duck..

The Coxes said...

What a great comparison!! Kendy :)