Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How To Garden:

Start with two box frames.

Add a truckload of dirt

and a willing, bicep-y husband

Add some seeds, and you've got yourself a garden! (And one very happy little boy, who will remain dirty from now until September)

Here's our manly little helper, who was dying to dive into the dirt pile the second it pulled into the driveway.

Taking regular airplane-sighting breaks, a very important thing, if you didn't know.

So far, we've seen spinach, strawberry, squash and carrot shoots. Cross your fingers for the pumpkins! (Who are still "sleeping," as we've told Tyler in an attempt to keep him out of the garden boxes.)


Mom said...

Great job Mama Bug! Way to even the score. I'm going to buy everything that's pink on Main Street!

The Grandmoo said...

Your garden looks like a labor of love. Its great to see you, McKay and Tyler having such a good time starting your garden. Since my green thumb has gone, its always exciting to see such potential. Keep up the good job. Love you, your Grandmoo