Thursday, March 25, 2010

Because my phone is gone and I can't call to say it...

Happy 15th birthday to my hermano Ricardo!

My favorite things about being 15:

1. Watching Red Asphalt in Driver's Ed
2. Going to high school for REAL (not the 9th grade campus)
3. Actually counting down the days until I turned 16, so I could officially date my high school boyfriend.
4. ......

Well, okay, I didn't really enjoy being 15. But maybe Richard will have more luck than me. And if all else fails, we can still throw him a Quinceanera.


KM said...

Richard is lovely in those Mexican colors - who knew he had a future as a latin dancer? Are you talking about Shane Otis? :) 15 was fun, but 16 was better ... enjoy it Richie!

Mom said...

Wow Katie..
I don't think i"ll be a latin dancer.And i'm sure your talking about shane.And geuss what? I had long conversations with him last week during our canoe trip.hahaha!
Love, Richardo

The Grandmoo said...

you know I have a whole layout in my scrapbook of you going to your first dance with Shane. Too funny. Wow fifteen again. too mind bending. Take care, Katie love you

The Desatoff Family said...

Ok. That's just funny. And I do have a picture of Richie in one of Kristen's dresses when he was maybe 7 years old...I'm saving it for blackmail purposes :)