Monday, March 5, 2012

High End Bribery

Tyler is pretty clear about one thing: getting his hair cut is the worst thing in the history of ever. And because he thinks this, it MAKES it the worst thing in the history of ever to be the one cutting his hair. And because of this, months go between his haircuts, until he starts to teeter on the edge of having Hanson hair, only wavy, because he inherited my hair, lucky boy.

The regular bribes (M&Ms, trips to the science center, walking to the park) do not hold water in this situation. And the tough love approach, as I discovered to my horror last time, results in big bald spots on the side of his head.

Anyway, I found the perfect bribery today.

Browsing, browsing...
Jamie, tolerating us moving her from her sick bed again. Poor girl!
The Loot! Chocolate Cream Dessert from Eatzi's! Seriously guys, go there.
Happy boy. Good looking hair. Happy Mommy.

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