Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hinckley Update:

We made it into our new house!

However, we've been waging war against it since then. Let's just say that cute old houses are still old. And landlords who are reluctant to clean are (surprise!) reluctant to repair.

We are gaining ground on the house, though. After lengthy and individual battles, we now have electricity, running water, a working water heater, and a bathtub that can be turned off.

Now if the washer drain could be unclogged and the bathtub could give us something besides scalding water and the lights in the living room would work, we'd be in heaven...

More to come when the sky stops falling!


Kim said...

This sounds like our "new" house! Except for our is filled with SO much character, it's been under repair and uninhabitable since we bought it in April. You and your crafty skills will make that house a home in no time. Clogged washer drain and all. :)

Michelle said...

If you or McKay can figure out how to fix some of these things, you might offer to be the handyman for your house in return for discounted rent. We were able to do that by fixing things around and putting in new cabinets. We got some great discounts!