Saturday, July 16, 2011

Moving Right Along

I've always liked to stay busy. If I don't have things to stay busy with, I get anxious, and then I start watching daytime TV. No bueno.

But this last week or two has tested my fondness of productivity. There is just soooo much to get done. I feel like if I just sat and spaced out for an hour, something awful would happen, like I'd have forgotten my children somewhere, or I'll miss a school deadline. I move from one task to another like a crazy woman until I just drop around midnight. For example, today:

8:00 Breakfast and morning routine with the babies
9:00 Grocery list making
10:00 Grocery shopping
12:30 Lunch and naps
1:00-4:00 School, school, school during naps
4:30: Babies awake, cleaning and playing
6:00: McKay done with work, school, school, school

And somewhere in these last few hours of the day, we need to plan a primary lesson for tomorrow and finish a birthday cake to take to dinner tomorrow night.

I am my own taskmaster, and I am relentless. I'd love to blow everything off for a few days and go play in San Antonio, but I am horrified at the thought of missing anything.
But in three weeks, summer term is over, and I'm taking it relatively easy this fall, so until August 11, I'll dream of simple times like unpacking Tyler and Jamie's room. (Yes they are still stacked to the ceiling in boxes. Embarrassing.)

Oh! And decorating the new house! Heaven.

Oh, what? Our children? Yes, we still have them. Here's some last day in our apartment shenanigan pictures when we unearthed a bag of Fat Tuesday beads:

This girl is a full fledged walker now! These hardwood floors gave her poor knees just the motivation she needed.
Not only for flashing crowds, these beads are also for impromptu dance parties!

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Melissa said...

GO Katie! Go! You can do it wonder woman!