Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Downtown Outings

Our new home is so close to downtown Dallas, and we love love LOVE driving down there to see what's going on. It's so fun, because we spent most of last year moping over the fun things going on down here because we were too far away to come down every week. I cannot wait to get over to the farmer's market again, and to see some shows in uptown, and just park the car and stroll around the historic district.

I took Jamie and Tyler to the Museum of Art last week for the children's day.

We played with the door beads until the guard told us to stop:

Made some art:
which may or may not have been eaten by Jamie:
and then headed outside for a courtyard exhibit from the Dallas Zoo. Hot hot hot!
Yes that is a boa constrictor around her body. Tyler was ecstatic.
"Mommy! Mommy! Do you see that big snake?!"
"Yes, I see the snake, Tyler."
"No, Mommy, the BIG snake! BIG snake!"


Tyler loves going to the museum, and I know Jamie enjoys it. She's getting be not so much a baby anymore. Just in the last few weeks, she has started walking full time and jabbering in a very conversational way. She has words for Mama, Dada, and Tyler, and yes, although I don't think anyone besides me and Tyler know how to interpret. She is turning out to be such a fun, sunny little girl (when the world is going her way), and it makes me smile. When we decided on the name Jamie, I just thought it sounded like a name for a fun, happy, sunny, pretty girl.

And my Jamie is all of those things.

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Kim said...

That guard definitely looks like a grump. Maybe he would feel better about life if he played with the beads too. I'm so happy you guys are loving life in Dallas! I love that the Hinckleys live life and soak up every second. And I love that sweet baby Jamie. She is sunny and bright and happy, just like her mommy :)