Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We were coming out of a restaurant downtown last week, and we looked up to see the Dallas skyline right there in front of us! (Partially blocked by a parking structure, but still!) We told Tyler all about the different buildings, but all he had eyes for was the moon that was sitting so nicely right in between towers. Or, more exactly, "the Earth. Like in Wall-e."

A little more questioning revealed that in Tyler World, moons are crescents. Earths are circles. And that is that.

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Kim said...

Tyler's got things figured out. We should all live our lives according to Tyler. I love how Maddie notices the smallest things - a flower growing in a weed pile, ants crawling across the sidewalk, how much fun it is to throw rocks into water... So sweet and innocent. No wonder Christ says to become as little children.