Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall's a coming.

(pictures from last fall)

I get more excited with each season's passing this year, because we are one season closer to being finished with school. But it does make me a little sad. I really love fall in Utah.

This will be our last fall with:

orange and yellow mountains
crisp evening walks through campus
hot apple cider from the creamery
cool mornings at farmers market
perfect afternoons at the neighborhood park

We're excited to move on with our lives, but I'm starting to think I'll miss our old life here. I'm going to savor it this year.

Tyler will watch its passing with a bag of chips. And a protective scowl.


Milloy Family said...

As much as I despised Utah, I do miss the actual seasons and fall was definitely my favorite. There is nothing like autumn in Utah. Your date night looked like fun and those waffle monstrosities look very deadly! Love the Tyler pictures. :)

Cindy said...

You will always miss your college days at BYU--there is just nothing like them!!!