Saturday, September 5, 2009


Our obnoxious single neighbors threw an obnoxious singles party tonight.

9:30: Lame rap music starts blaring.

10:30: Cops show up and tell them to be quiet.

10:35: Music turns back on.

11:00: McKay and I take the law into our own hands. We removed our wedding rings and walked into the party house and stole their party food.



Thomas and Melissa said...

that's the funniest and smartest thing I've ever heard. Invite me next time. Do you think my belly would give me away?

Heather Marlene said...

I think I could here that Music at my house too. I hope you taught them a lesson and took a lot of their food and drinks! lol

Mom said...

yeah hopefully my Tywers wasn't subject tho these shananagans!