Saturday, August 29, 2009

Date Night

McKay surprised me with a fully planned date-night this week. Babysitter included! He's amazing! He wouldn't tell me where we were going:

Me looking bewildered. McKay looking sneaky.

I'd never been before, but Trafalga is a fun little date center in Orem with things like mini-golf, go-karts, an arcade, a 4D movie theater, and a food bar.

We golfed.
I was very bad at it.

We drove Go-Karts.
I look like a maniac.

We ate
some really, really frozen Dippin' Dots.

We played in the arcade
We won 700 tickets and broke two games.

We used those tickets to buy Tyler a bunch of toy cars to make up for abandoning him for a few hours. He promptly chewed them to pieces. We spent a good part of the next day being attacked with car pieces, and being shouted at "Uh-oh! UH-OH!" which means put it back together, pronto. This may be his revenge.

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Heather Marlene said...

That is pretty awesome that you didn't even have to worry about the babysitter. That is my dream, that some day MacKay will do it all, and I can just go along for the ride.