Thursday, August 13, 2009

Can I Brag for a Minute?

So I know I'm not a Robin or a Kim when it comes to couponing, but I am so stinkin' excited about these:

$1 each at Rite-Aid! Woo! Our house will never be stinky again! The Freshmatic one scares McKay everytime it spritzes lavender goodness in the air.

McKay's internship is coming to a close; tomorrow is his last day. As a thank you for all his work, his bosses gave him a handful of Walmart giftcards. I'm excited! We're going on a shopping spree tonight, and we're going to get something awesome.

Also, here's documentation of all the free things we've gotten from Tahitian Noni this summer:

Yes, that is 12 bottles of Noni juice. I think we're set for life.


Patrick and Michelle Hinckley said...

Katie I LOVE finding a good deal!! We have one of those automatic ones- it scared me at first- now it is our "pet duck" Because it sounds like a duck... right... well I think so! SO what are the plans after the internship you guys staying up there or coming down to Texas? Well If you are still up ther in April.. SO WILL WE! We are planning to go back to BYU around that time! It would be so cool to live close to you guys!

Milloy Family said...

Don't ever feel like your coupon adventures have to compare to mine or Robin's obsessions! It is really out of hand at this point. :) I am proud of your deals! I am so jealous that you have Rite-Aids up there. We don't have any in AZ. I'm so proud of your frugality!

The Desatoff Family said...

WOOHOO KATIE!!! Cheap air fresheners are one of the best treasures in couponing! And Kimmy is right. We have lost all control at this point. I never want to see another jar of spaghetti sauce.

The Desatoff Family said...

PS - I want to see more of your better-late-than-never bridal photos!