Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What new pictures?

After this posts, I will vehemently deny that these pictures were taken recently; I will never admit that these are, in fact, not our real wedding pictures. I wasn't going to blog about it, but I just love these pictures so much, and I need to share them with the world.

Our "real" wedding pictures weren't so great; they kind of sucked, actually. So we decided to redo them, specifically this last month, because:

a) I now have my wedding dress with me

b) I now fit back into it, which may not always be true (though I can hope :-)

c) We won a contest for worst wedding pictures, and the prize was a redo with professional photographers!

Here are some of my favorites:

The rest are here:


You are welcome to look; I've spent so much time looking at them, I'm going to wear out the Walgreen's website.

Thanks, http://dalmerphotography.blogspot.com/


The Desatoff Family said...

Oh Katie! You look just as beautiful as your real wedding day! What contest did you win? I should have been entered as well...I have craptastic wedding pictures! I am so glad you did this and hope to see these beautiful pictures all over your walls next time we come to visit :)

Patrick and Michelle Hinckley said...

patrick adn I are TOTALLY planning to do the same thing!!! We didn't get the best pictures so we are going to have Big Lou do some once it gets cooler and I feel like I have lost enough weight!! I LOVE them, so Gorgeous!!!

Milloy Family said...

Great idea! Everyone should have a redo. My hair looked like a Russian bride on my wedding day. I am not joking. It was pulled back so tight, it looked like I was wearing a doo-rag. Not cute. Hmm... maybe I should redo mine. Especially since all of mine are on film and can't be enlarged bigger than 8x10, grrr.. :(

Katie said...

Thanks everyone! I feel so validated!

Robin: Thanks! Oh, and they already are! We got some free enlargements (thank you, Walgreen's) to decorate our house with wedding picture goodness. Craptastic, haha. It was a photography company that held a "Send in your worst pictures and we'll choose the worst to redo!" It's kind of sad that we won :)

Michelle: That's great! And I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome to sneak out of your house in a big floofy wedding dress, hoping your neighbors don't see you. And Big Lou's will be great, he did some engagement pics for us.

Kimmy: You should! You look amazing, and I know about the film thing, too. Except for all the pictures our family took and sent to us, all ours were 35mm 4X6's. Ridiculous. I liked your doo-rag in your bridal pictures, though, you looked so pretty.

Michelle said...

Those are AWESOME!!!

The Grandmoo said...

Hi Katie
The new wedding pictures are wonderful. I am so glad you did this. You look so beautiful, how great that you were able to wear you wedding dress again. You and Mckay are just adorable. I just got back on my computer and was so excited about Seeing these pictures. What as treat. All my love, Your Grandmoo

Heather Marlene said...

I'm glad you did these, now I know i'm not the only one who wants to do it over. but don't think that I fit in my dress right now... 2 kids will do that to a person.
But anywho, your pictures are awesome, and I love your boots!

We are... said...

I agree with everyone! They are GORGEOUS pictures! That is so exciting that you were able to do this and you look beautiful in them!