Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 1-8

I am about 95% sure that making any sort of blogging resolution is just shooting myself in the foot, but here goes anyway:

New resolution!

Weekly updates!

McKay has been keeping a pretty faithful journal for the past year and a half, and I love looking back and remembering what he captured. His sister Kendy (perseverance must run in the Hinckley genes) writes pretty regular weekly updates and mails them out, and then prints the PDF file out to be put in a book at the end of the year. What a treasure that must be!

Computer issues notwithstanding and forbearance pending, here is our weekly update for September 1st, 2013.


Our biggest news this week: we are official annual passholders of LegoLand! Each year, we pick out a new location to buy a family membership to. Last year we chose the Perot Museum, which was super close to us, right in the middle of downtown, but it didn't turn out to be too exciting for the kids. I thought it was great and educational, but educational doesn't always translate to a fun time :) So we looked a little further away from home, and decided on LegoLand on the recommendation of some good friends. It has been quite literally the best decision we've ever made (at least in our kids' eyes). We've been four times so far, and nothing even approaching boredom has happened yet. We've decided to make it a weekly event, going on Wednesday afternoons (Tyler's early release day from kindergarten).

Jamie has been to her preschool for two weeks now, and it is sort of getting easier. She still cries each time I drop her off, but the teacher let me know that she has stopped asking for me every 15 minutes during the day. Progress! She really misses her old preschool, but everyone who was part of it has moved away, and since it was a co op, that sort of kills it. I did find that packing a little baggie of cookies in her backpack each day to be disbursed at especially bad times helps her out a ton. Also her teachers :)

Tyler has lost two teeth now! His first fell out a few weeks ago, and we still haven't found it (we're pretty sure he swallowed it!) This second one was the first he was able to put in his tooth pillow for the tooth fairy. He had so so so many questions about the logistics of the tooth fairy. It took a long time to go to sleep that night.

I've started school as well, but my one class, Pathophysiology, is just Monday mornings. Since Jamie is in preschool twice a week, this gives me a nice long morning to devote to studying, which I am figuring out I will need to do much more of than I am used to. It used to be a two semester, 8 credit course, but it has been compressed into one semester, without dropping any curriculum. It is seriously like drinking from a fire hose! I've finished applying to the nursing program, and I find out in November if I've been accepted. I'm trying my best to be patient :)

McKay and I have gotten back into running, and we are on course to run a half marathon this winter! We are in week 2 of training, so we haven't run any crazy long routes just yet, but they are coming! I am feeling less bloated, more awake, and just stronger generally. It is always a good feeling to be running again. McKay went into handyman mode this week and fixed a number of things around the house that needed fixin'. I joined in the fun, reupholstering our dining room chairs. Again. Sigh.

McKay and I went on a date on Friday night, the first in a while! We dropped the kids off at Kevin and Cindy's, went to Australian Outback and to see World War Z. Steak and zombies are the best date night :) We had a long overdue fun night together, thank you grandma and grandpa! McKay's birthday was the next day. The kids and I treated him to LegoLand for the day (lucky daddy!) and that night, after McKay got home from practicing a musical number with some friends from the ward, McKay discovered his birthday present from me:

30 reasons I love him, with the last four being the operas he will be seeing this year, as an annual member of the Dallas Opera (we were hemorrhaging money this week!) He was so happy with his present, and I was so pleased he was happy.

In other news, Bronx got his cone off for the first time in about 6 weeks. He had a bout of fleas around the 4th of July that led us to discover his severe allergy to fleabites (it's like poison ivy to him), which then led him to the cone to stop him from devouring himself. After a round of steroids and antihistamines, he is back to his happy chewing-on-things-that-are-not-him self.


Last Sunday: We had a Fast Sunday dinner at Kevin and Cindy's with the whole Texas Hinckley clan to try out their fancy new smoker. We brought dessert, as usual. This time it was an Apple Vanilla Custard Pie, a Pinterest find:

Monday was Labor Day. McKay had to work, but the kids and I went to buy our memberships:

Tuesday was McKay's day off, and his handyman day.
Wednesday: Jamie and I had a playdate in the morning with Sarah Jane, Victoria, and Ada, and then we Legoland for the afternoon after we picked up Tyler from school. Tyler took a silly picture of his Igor smile.
Thursday:The kids and I picked up special cookies from Whole Foods to celebrate Tyler getting "green" all week on his behavior chart at school.
Friday: Study day for me, and date night for us!
Saturday: Bronx back to his cute self, and McKay's birthday!

 See you next week (I HOPE!)

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