Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 23-29

Monday: Dropping off Jamie at school was very happy, she was really excited about going to school! I had packed carrots and craisins per her request in a Monsters University tupperware container, so maybe that was the trick? During my class, we studied the endocrine system and the reproductive system. Looking around the room during the lecture, I observed that everyone was sporting folded arms, looking intensely uncomfortable, except for me.  I realized at that moment that childbirth and mothering has left me with zero shame about the human body, and apparently about the ten foot tall diagrams on the board as well :) The end of the day was rough: Tyler had an accident in gym, and I had to pick him up a bit early from school. Once there, I found out he had cut his hair during art class, and while waiting in the nurse's office to be picked up, he fell off a tall stool, hitting his head on the floor. What a day :) He went to go get a haircut that night (he was due for one, so the self cut wasn't a problem at all, thank goodness). McKay got one as well. I went running later that night. It was just 3 miles, but I felt very fast after the 4 mile run the day before.

Tuesday: McKay's day off!  To celebrate, he took Tyler to school and let me sleep in to the luxurious hour of 7:23, at which point Jamie prodded me awake and yelled for snacks. After we were all fed and dressed, McKay went to the dentist to have some dental work finished, and Jamie and I trotted down to the Goodwill sale (kids clothes, all $1 each holla holla). After we picked Tyler up from school, we drove over to Arlington to meet my dad who was in town on business. There was only one night that we could get together, so we got tickets to a Ranger's game together. Nothing like sports rivalries to bond over, right? From my dad's hotel, we rode a magnificent red trolley over to the stadium, where we all received a free bobble head of Yu Darvish! We saw a lot of people coming in just for bobble heads. They would buy tickets, collect their bobble, and turn right around and leave. Crazy! Dinner was a decadent affair, hot dogs and brisket sandwiches. Those sandwiches were delicious, and I'm pretty sure BBQ is half the reason my dad keeps comiing back to Texas :) Jamie spent most of the night eating Grandpa's peanuts and watching The Incredibles on my iPod. Tyler was glued to Grandpa's side, and I loved it. A bunch of guys sitting behind us kept trying to start the wave, yelling at everyone else "Come on, you guys are CHICKENING OUT" It was pretty hilarious. My mom called in the middle of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and she seemed totally baffled. A foul ball hit just where we were sitting right after we stood up to leave! We could have caught it! We rode the trolley back, picked up shakes at Sonic, and said goodbye to Grandpa Eatough again.

Wednesday: Jamie had a really cranky morning, and I ended up canceling a play date with some friends. It turned out to be a good thing because the rest of the day was just crazy. We cleaned most of the morning, although it took much longer than usual because of the crankiness. That afternoon, both Tyler and Jamie had dentist appointments for the kids after Tyler's school. It was so terrible. I felt the need to reassure Dr. Andy that my kids are usually much more pleasant. They both cried through the entire teeth cleaning, with Jamie outright screaming at him and swatting his instruments away. They've both had cleanings before, so I do not know what the deal was! The good news: no cavities!  We were commended on our rather militant brushing habits, and warm fuzzies commenced :) The bad news: Tyler needs two teeth pulled next Tuesday to make room for his adult bottom teeth.  I'll leave that to McKay's day off next week:)  We had the Madsens over for dinner that night. It was a super lazy dinner, Papa Johns and brownies. Should I feel proud or embarrassed of how extremely shocked and excited my kids were at the idea of ordering pizza for dinner? The Madsens are a fun couple, and we are sad to see them go. We went running again, a 4 miles night. I can't seem to crack a ten minute mile! I listened to Tegan and Sara while.running; I am fast on my way to becoming thoroughly addicted to their album Heartthrob.

Thursday: Jamie and I did gloriously little today, we were so worn out from the couple of busy days before. We did manage to recover our living room throw pillows with canvas, so there was that. My plan is to do a cool iron on transfer and them look old and vintage. We also made Apple Gouda grilled cheese sandwiches, with cumin on mine :) When McKay got home we spent the evening putting sunglasses on Bronx and taking pictures of him. We are the best dog owners. Later that night, I made McKay drive up to Mckinney to pick up a new kitchen cart (thank you!). We opted out of running that night. To end a lazy day perfectly, we watched the Rifftrax on Titanic. It was so terribly irreverent, but it was so so funny.

Friday: Another happy morning with Jamie, very excited to go to school (chocolate chips in her snack bag today!). After dropping off the kids, instead of going straight to campus to study, I went to a "Donuts with the Directors" meeting at Tyler's school, a chance for parents to come to an open Q&A with the directors (principals). There was a lot of whining! I love Tyler's school, I don't know anything I would change, except adding a Pre-K so Jamie could go next year :) I left soon afterwards to my own school to study and study some more. When I picked up Jamie, she was having such a good day that she wanted to show me everything in her class. It took us ten minutes to leave, and were almost late getting Tyler, but I wasn't about to interrupt, this was her first time not dashing out the door the second I arrived to pick her up :) For some reason, the lunch lady at school promised Tyler I'd make him cupcakes, so we did. Well, McKay did while I crafted some fall things (I'm hoping that if I decorate for fall, autumn will magic itself here). McKay discovered,why baking with little crazy people isn't so fun for the parent. But if you grit your teeth through it and don't yell, it makes a wonderful memory in the kids eyes. Running again, 4 miles this night. I discovered a jock jams channel on Pandora, which is just lovely and motivating.

Saturday: Cleaning house in the morning again (is this ridiculous how much of our lives cleaning takes up?) We left for two birthday parties that morning, one in Plano and one in Dallas, Edison and the little girl next door whose name I still don't know, terrible! We went to Target in between. I am determined to look more put together and less tenth grade high school, I've been doing my best to accessorize without spending a fortune, and there happened to be a cool target deal last night. You could get two nice women's watches for like $10, so about $5 each. Oh, and I picked up two new table lamps too for my and McKay's bedroom. I went to the Relief society meeting that night after the second birthday party. I only made it for the last talk, President Monson's, but this morning I read an article about it this morning with a woman's take on it. She stressed the bread in the story, and how it symbolized the love of Chirst, the bread of life. I loved it.

Sunday: This was a lazy morning with the kids playing outside in the first cool weather of the year! MY FALL DECORATIONS WORKED!!! I taught my class about the articles of faith and McKay played the piano. Our home teachers came over after church and we had a good discussion about trials and perspective. We may have had our own unique take, but I really liked what everyone had to say. I like our home teachers. One an EPA laywer and the other in his third year of medical school, its always an interesting discussion with lots of different view points and ideas and life experiences. For dinner I made sweet potato gnocci, Tyler loved it, which never ever happens :)

Funny things:

  • We've been laughing ourselves silly over this meme:

  • And this two-legged dog too:

  • When Jamie watches Jake and the Neverland Pirates, she gets out her whole set of pirate gear: pirate ship, treasure chest, pirate hook, and her little Tick Tock. Then she uses each piece during different parts of the show. It's quite a production :)
  • Last week, we were trying to get Tyler to remember the order of the seasons. He couldn't remember what follows winter, so we were giving him clues. He was utterly stumped until McKay and I randomly started humming Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and Tyler said, "Oh! Spring!" It was probably just a coincidence, but we're sort of convinvced he's a musical genius :)
  • The kids have been requesting lately that I sing the Pink Elephants song so they can dance and march around in circles, and also sing along. It's all very silly, especially the part where they yell "Chase them away!"
  • Tyler drew this picture of Bronx at school the other day. I made the mistake of asking him if it was a scorpion :)
  • Not silly, but this is our lovely view of our city on our way to school (through my very dirty car window).

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