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September 9-15, 2013

Monday: I had my class, and so did Jamie. I dropped Tyler off at school, and then Jamie, who had a hard time again, but when I called about ten minutes later to check on her, she was happily playing with her little trio of school friends. I guess she just saves all her sadness for me, sweet girl. It is heartbreaking to leave her when she is sobbing, but I know she is having fun and learning, and she is really, really excited when I come to pick her up at the end of the day :)

My class that day focused on neurological function and disorders. One topic was abnormal posturing, 

Does this look like a SYTYCD modern dance diagram? I couldn't stop giggling and sent this picture to McKay. I am a terrible person. In my defense, this was after three hours of lecture. Later, I was trying desperately to find a good picture of decorticate posturing. This is how it is supposed to look:

But google image search kept giving me this cat:

Tuesday: McKay's day off! We had a delightfully lazy day at home, until McKay took Jamie to get hot dogs at the new Hoffman's down the street.

Soooo delicious. They also hit the library and the Dallas BIG Idea exhibit.
McKay picked up Tyler from school, only to discover that Tyler had had a pen explode on his shirt at school. The rest of that afternoon and night was spent by Cindy and I learning a new  life skill, how to remove ink stains from clothing. (Hairspray and hand sanitizer! Then wash HOT on a double rinse cycle)

 Later that day McKay and the kids drove up to Plano to Kevin and Cindy's to pick up our new-to-us grill! We haven't inaugurated it yet, but we are super excited. Tyler spent the majority of the afternoon there playing "Golf Ball" with Uncle Patrick in the backyard.

Wednesday: Jamie and I had a playdate at Northpark Mall With Sarah Jane, Tori, and Ada, which was a great morning. We visited Bookmarks, the library right there in the mall, and played with the ducks and turtles in the pondby Tiffany's.
 It was an early pickup day for Tyler, who had ANOTHER ink soaked shirt, blurg (hand sanitizer, hair spray, rinse, repeat).  We ended up not going to Legoland that day, because we had all been up the previous night with Jamie's Hulkie nightmares (no more Avengers in our house EVER).

Thursday:  Donut morning!

After dropping Tyler off, Jamie and I cleaned the house all morning. Well, I cleaned while Jamie reacquainted herself with the Toy Story trilogy. Bronx whiled the time away following me from room to room, chewing on my toes while I cleaned. 

 At 6, I dropped the kids off at grandmas, and we left for the Fun concert! We had upgraded to pit tickets earlier this year, and after trying to sell the tickets (unsuccessfully) we ended up giving the first tickets to some friends. We didn't get to see the friends during the concert, but by all accounts, they had a good time as well. The opening act was Teagan and Sara, who I had never heard of before, but I have been making up for lost time this week.

The show was so, so awesome, and we had such a great time. One of my favorite things about McKay is how much he loves DOING things, getting out and going to shows, concerts, festivals, fairs, events, whatever, he just likes to get out and have fun (punny!).

(thanks for the tip!)
 Unfortunately, I lost my license and debit card, and $20 from my pocket at some point in the pit. We picked up the kids at 12:00, and we were in our beds asleep by 1. Phew!

Friday: Jamie had school again, and this turned out to be a really great day! She hardly cried when I left, and the teacher let me know she was very happy all day. Myself, I studied for my class from 9-3. Blech. It was a very slow afternoon for everyone recovering from the night before :)

Saturday: We held a yard sale with our friend Eve (mostly her's), and I made $14! Wooo! It was just a purge of our clothes, and helping a friend out. Then we went to the bank to get new debit card, a quick trip to Costco, and more studying once we got home.

Sunday was a lovely, nice, leisurely morning. At church, I just let my class watch an animated scriptures movie, and we had Raspberry Turnover Bites for snacks. Tyler gave the scripture in Primary.

So grownup!

The second we walked in the door after church, Bronx flopped on his back with his paws in the air, looking at us with a very, very guilty look on his face. It didn't take long to figure out what he had been up to:
Oh, Bronxie. Poor Merida.

I needed to study more (test in less than 24 hours panic was setting in), so McKay took the kids to the Pride Parade that was rolling through the neighborhood. Looking back, I guess their Sunday clothes were the more distracting and abnormal outfits :)

 Monday: I had my test, and its OVER! I'm all done studying those chapters, and I could not be more happy :) McKay and I switched cars that morning, which turned out to be a very lucky thing because he got a flat tire! I can't even think of what I would have done if I had been driving that car. I have zero tire changing skills. I probably would have just abandoned the car and ran the rest of the way to school! As it was, he was late to work :\ After my test was over, followed by a two hour lecture (UGHHHH) I rewarded myself. Parisian Eggs Benedict at La Madeleine for me!

I made a special snack for the kids after school to apologize for being an absent mother the last few days, Chocolate Chip Dip with graham crackers. Tyler decided to do his entire homework packet for the week that night to surprise his teacher. I love that this is his idea of being mischievous :)

McKay and I are officially training for the half marathon now! Five nights a week, with varying distances. We are already excitedly showing off our calf shelves to each other :)

Funny things from the babies

  • During all the ink removing, Tyler kept calling it "hannitizer".
  • Since Tyler's teacher went to UT, she is doing her best to indoctrinate her students to love all things Longhorns (this school has a very heavy emphasis on college, starting from day one of kindergarten, which I love) As a result, Tyler has been making the hook 'em horns sign at us lately, saying "the eyyyyyyyyes of Texas" as he points the horns at our eyes. It is all very funny.
  • When Jamie was in diapers, whenever she had a stinky diaper, we would playfully call her Mrs. Poops. Gradually, this has become the height of insult in our home, and we frequently hear Tyler and Jamie calling each other Mr. or Mrs. Poops, respectively. 
  • Jamie has been doing goofy Dory impressions this week. She looks you closely in the eye, asks you "Do you have a problem? Do you? Do you? Do you?", getting closer to your face with each "Do you?".

See you next week!

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