Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 16-22

Tuesday was McKay's day off, so he took Tyler to school instead of me.We got a new tire on the Rav4, and spent the morning straightening up the house. I got my test results back from my first Patho test: 90! There was a very generous curve that helped my score out, but I am pretty darn pleased with myself :) 
When it was time to pick up Tyler from school, we had to get him from the nurse's office because of a big bloody nose; after this, and with crayons, markers, exploding pens, and spaghetti lunches, Tyler's poor school shirts are not going to last long!

McKay and I each went running that night, our normal 3 mile routes. Just before his turn, McKay took Tyler running up and down our street. Tyler has been very interested in excercising and running lately as McKay and I have been training, and he's been begging to go. The problem is that Tyler likes to run for about 100 yards before he poops out. I made the mistake of really taking him running to the park a few weeks ago, and it did not go well. McKay is traditionally the more patient parent with this sort of thing though, and this little jog up and down the street was just the best thing ever to Tyler. McKay would point out a stop sign or mail box in the distance and tell Tyler they would run to that place, and apparantly it worked! McKay is talking about signing Tyler up for a 1K in the future :)

Wednesday: I really cannot remember what we did this morning except that I made a wreath at some point in the morning. Melyssa and Tom watched our kids that night so McKay and I could go to the long awaited Mumford and Sons concert! It had been scheduled for June originally, but one of the band members had gone to the hospital with a brain aneurysm the very morning of the show. Understandably, they postponed. We weren't real thrilled with it being a school night, but it turned out to be a great night.
Traffic, traffic, traffic. Yes, I sure am taking a picture in the driver's seat. The car was in park and had been for a good ten minutes. Love me some 5:00 driving on the I-30.

Classic Mumford lights!

Annnnnnnd back to traffic, one of the only downsides to concert-going (besides the crazy guy in sunglasses standing next to you on the lawn smoking his recreational contraband).
The show was awesome! The only sad part: we had lawn seats. After being spoiled with pit seats at fun., it was sort of hard to go back to being on the grass with the rest of the peasant. We couldn't see much of what was happening, but we still had a really good time. Afterwards, we stopped by Jack in the Box for shakes. McKay asked for peppermints to go with our order. The drive thru guy frowned and hesitated, and said "...Yes?" McKay said, "Great! Can we get some?" The confusion was explained when we opened the bag to find not peppermints, but pepper packets to go with our shakes. We could not stop laughing. We ended up getting home at 12:30 in the morning. So so late! We felt awful keeping Tom and Melyssa waiting so late. 

Thursday: Understandably, we had a super slow morning. McKay had gotten off work for that day, so we enjoyed a lovely lazy day (everyone except Tyler, who was at school. Sorry Bubs!)  After a bit, we took the RAV4 to get new brakes (ouch!) and to get a few new books for Tyler's Literary Luncheon the next day.

Friday: Back to real life! Jamie was awesome while I dropped her off at school, no tears! She was actually pretty excited to go. That morning was Tyler's Literary Luncheon. The parents were invited for lunch and to bring books to donate to the school library. It was so fun seeing Tyler in his element. I'm so glad I get to go to things like this. I know it will be harder when I am in school full-time next semester. I saw a lot of kids whose parents were not able to  make it for whatever reason, and these poor kindergardeners spent the hour watching the main doors with tears in their eyes while all their friends' parents arrived, but not their own. My heart broke for them, and I promised myself I would try to never miss Tyler and Jamie's school events, even after I start working.

I spent the rest of the day studying the new unit, the endocrine system! 

Saturday: The kids and I went to Legoland, but first we tried our best to take a cute picture of ourselves. No such luck :) 

This girl LOVES the karoake part of Legoland.

Check those moves out.

Woooooo! Can you guess what song she's rockin' to? It's Bob the Builder :)
McKay upped his running to 4 miles that night, and then he babysat the Bitters' kids while I studied at home.

 Sunday morning: McKay and the kids baked a super yummy batch of Pumpkin Snickerdoodles to give to a few of our favorite people at church while I ran my own 4 mile route. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Maybe this training thing might work after all. We went to church, and afterwards had a lovely dinner at Eve and Milko's up in Plano.
I saw this in Plano and got excited about the Redondo Beach ad on the side. My dad's parents lived in Redondo Beach, CA, and we would visit all the time.

Kicking our trash in a rather violent game of Sorry!
The gallant losers :)

I'll add the funny things tomorrow! See you next week!

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