Monday, October 8, 2012

October Days

How can I possibly be expected to do my homework when these little people are so distractingly cute?
 Dimples! This is one of my favorite Hinckley genes.
 My beautiful baby girl, who is not much of a baby anymore! She will actually be starting preschool in January! Sniff, sniff.
 Can you even handle these curls? I LOVE her hair, and I always get asked if I curl her hair (crazy people! like she would sit still long enough for that)

Some little funny things lately:

Jamie has continued being obsessed with reading books, and excellent obsession. Her favorites right now are "Wheels on the Bus", and "Animal Opposites". With the animal one, we are talking about lots of animal sounds, and we've had to get creative with traditionally non-speaking animals. In our house, turtles say "Duuuuuuude!" and crabs say "Hey, hey, hey", a la Finding Nemo :)

Lately, McKay and I have been splitting bedtime routines 50/50, where I normally take care of Jamie, and he wrangles Tyler into bed. Jamie's bedtime routine is pretty normal, but McKay and Tyler have evolved those 15 minutes into something hilarious. One part includes Tyler insisting McKay sit on Tyler. Jamie and I can hear them laughing form the next room over, and I don't blame Jamie for escaping my reading to her to go see what they are up to.

We are ridiculously behind with blogging, but life is just crazy; I have Jamie crawling all over as I type this! But we are loving these cool October days. We've broken into Jamie's winter 2T clothes and I am loving the cozy toddler look. We made real gingerbread the other day and the whole house smelled wonderful, like spices and fall.

More to come!


Kevin Hinckley said...

Love these pictures! I can see why you might get distracted with a new camera and the cutest of subjects :):):)
I just have to point out that the dimples come to you with the last name of Hinckley, but they really come via the silent Griffin side!

Kevin Hinckley said...

These posts are coming across as if from Kevin, but they are really from me, Cindy!