Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sing Sing Sing

Jamie is a singer, much more than Tyler ever was. In fact, whenever we try to sing to Tyler, his response is to yell at us "No, no, no, stop! Stop singing, Mommy-Daddy!" (We become one unit in his mind whenever something is very important.)

But not Jamie. She is a "Three Little Ducks", "Baby Bumblebee", and "Monkeys in the Tree" expert, and normally those are the three she asks for at nap time. Not so today. Today she asked for the opening song in Lion King. And not the "Circle of Life" part with actual words. Just:


And did I mention she sang with me?

Happy Sunday!

PS: Did you know those lyrics in the beginning are Swahili, and the translation is "Here comes a lion, Father, oh yes, it's a lion" ?

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Patrick and Michelle Hinckley said...

HAHAH I LOVE that!! I cannot wait to see you guys!