Saturday, August 4, 2012


So I tore our computer desk apart and still cannot find that darn cord.

The end of summer term is here, much to everyone's relief. I was taking the equivalent of 20 credits this summer, and it was pretty much madness, May 1st through this next Thursday. But I got a ton of pre-reqs out of the way, and this fall will be the last semester before I apply to nursing school. Squeee! 

Funny things Tyler and Jamie have been doing:

Jamie has been learning new words nearly everyday. This week she's been working hard on learning the word blanket, but it keeps coming out "Blimey!" It is freaking hilarious listening to her yell Blimey! around the house, sounding like a mini Brit who just wants her blanket. Ah, so funny.

Tyler has started using his nighttime prayers as an impromptu wishlist. He won't pray for things that have already happened, but instead thanks God for all the things he'd like done in the near future. Last night's prayer:  "Thank you we could go to Costco and get Veggie Straws and pretzels, and go to the library and get new movies." Neither of those things happened yesterday. My take? I think he is an evil genius who knows I worry about him learning faith in prayer, and that I will probably do anything to get him to believe in prayer even if it means treating his prayer like a shopping list. Like I said, evil genius.

Also, he is learning his letters by leaps and bounds, thanks to his sudden obsession with He is getting SO good at knowing which letters make which sounds.

Here's to finding the camera cord soon!

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