Saturday, August 4, 2012

Camera pictures!

Aha! They are fuzzy, but there are accessible!

 Fun Aunt date with Evelyn! I took her to get her nails done and I think we got donuts afterwards. I always felt so special when GRandma Sandi or Aunt Joy or Aunt Mel would do something like this for me, so I am paying it forward. (Plus I got to eat a donut)

 Our sad, sad lawn. It was so pretty here at the beginning of June, and then we stopped watering it. Ha.
 This awesome splashpad has been the destination of many a grumpy afternoons this summer.

 But if we aren't in a swimmy mood, we can just go to Braum's and load up on gigantic ice cream cones.

 Jamie did NOT want to be at this indoor playplace, and while Tyler was running around making friends and going up and down slides, Little Miss here laid right down on the ground and made her displeasure known.
 This little puppy was running around our neighborhood lost one week, and after seeing it a few mornings in a row, we took her in for a few days to see if we could find her owners. No such luck, but since we can't have pets in our rented house (sob) she had to find a new home a few days later. Tyler's crumpled face as we drove away from the Humane Society was almost enough to risk the $400 fine.

Very spontaneously (like, 18 hours before it happened), McKay and I got tickets to go this concert in Dallas. It was an 80s throwback concert, with like 15 eighties cover bands. It. Was. Awesome. I still think that the Journey cover band was really Steve Perry, who just got bored in retirement and snuck back into the business under the cover (ha!) of a cover band. 

U2! I loved how close the bands came to looking just like the real thing. Steve Perry was stomping around the stage in tight white jeans, Brian Johnson had his silly newsboy cap on, and Angus Young was in his school boy uniform.
 A terrible picture of McKay and I, but here we are at the concert!
 I have to say, the AC/DC set was the best. People were just milling around and talking while it was getting set up, and it had finally gotten dark and not so hot anymore when this huge bell toll sound came out of the speakers. The beginning of Hell's Bells! People were jumping and screaming like it was actually AC/DC. I may have been one of them. Oh, it was so cool. We did the Dirty Deeds dance in honor of my dad, who does it everytime.

One sick Sunday afternoon, with just me, a hair straightening iron, and a little girl with springy, honey colored curls who wanted to stay in my lap while she watched Wall-e. Look how long her hair is when its straight! Please don't report me to CPS.


The Coxes said...

You're such a good aunt - so fun that you took Evelyn to get her nails done. :)

Kristin said...

Oh how I miss Braums!!!