Sunday, October 21, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday!

So last year, after Tyler's Halloween birthday party was over and we were halfway through cleaning up, I made the offhand comment that his next birthday could be an Angry Birds party. That suggestion spawned a full year of Tyler wishing, planning and hoping for an Angry Birds birthday "for when I turn FIVE!" How could I refuse? :)

We started out with a life size angry birds game! McKay and I both attempted to build catapults, but one bent and the other snapped in half. So the game became Throw the Stuffed Angry Bird at the Tower! Which seemed just fine to all the kids. 

 This was Tyler's Angry Bird Face. 

 We call this the Jamie method, which was more of a battering ram action than an actual throw.
 A pinata, of course, which ALMOST made it through one round of smackings with a broom handle.

 Edison had a terrifying solid hit.

 This girl (Samia) absolutely demolished the poor bird.
 And they're off!


 This is always my favorite moment of my kids' birthday parties, everyone gathered around them, singing to them. Seeing a roomful of people who love this boy just like I do warms my heart each year. If I could wish for just one thing for each of my babies, it would be enough loved ones to fill their lives. Cheesy, I know :)

 An impromptu viewing of Bug's Life? Sure, why not?
Tyler got a bunch of really cool Legos and Transformers toys, but this one was too awesome not to mention. Tyler's cousins affectionately call him Tyler Man, and for his birthday, they made him a superhero cape with TM on it. 

Thanks, everyone for making my baby boy's day special!


Melissa said...

SUPER cute! I love the knock-it-over game! You always deliver Katie...

Milko, Eve, Allison, And Joshua said...

What a fun party! I am sorry we missed it. Allison got something and was burning up with fever starting from her nap through the rest of the weekend. You are a wonderful party planner! Good work.