Sunday, October 21, 2012

State Fair with Grandpa!

(I posted a ton more pictures on Facebook last week, but I thought I'd stick some on here too. This is our family journal, after all. You know, when we feel like writing in here.)

My dad occasionally flies out to Texas on business, and last week was one of those weeks! I was happy to play hooky and skip my classes that afternoon so we could all pack into our car and take my dad to the state fair!

We had a blast with Grandpa. We ate way too many fried things (Fried Cinnamon Rolls rolled in bacon bits? Fried Coke?)  Tyler and Jamie cannot get enough of Grandpa Eatough (it had been about two months since we saw him last).

After the fair, we took Grandpa back to our house to show him all of Tyler's things, including his "sculpture" (a pyramid of bricks), his pile of leaves he's been raking lately, and his airplane room. Jamie brought Grandpa her favorite animal book, and he read her her bedtime story before he left.

I love, love, love that my kids have my dad as a grandpa. He is so interested in everything they say and do, and it makes them feel so special. Come back soon, Grandpa! You need to see the sculpture renovations!

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