Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Run On

I am a runner.

Except for the fact that I have not regularly done so for almost two years now.

I sheepishly admitted this to McKay last week, and out of that conversation grew a new summer goal:

We will be running a 5K this summer! (And hopefully a 10K later if we love it.) I wanted to join the Dallas Running Club so we could get 8 races for the price of one, but for some reason McKay was not as excited about running seven more races.


Kim said...

Go Katie go! Maddie & I ran a 5k last year. I barely trained at all & it was not that bad. As soon as you start to get tired, it's over!

Kristin said...

Go Katie, I hope you do it and can convince McKay to do it too! If you used to run 4+ miles everyday pushing kids, in the snow, wind and rain, with hills you can do it:) Good Luck.

Milko, Eve, Allison, And Joshua said...

wow, that's impressive! Good job, Katie! I just walked to a yard sale (two yard sales :) ) and I barely made it home. So out of shape. Wow! Very impressive!

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