Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Night Out

McKay and I PAID a babysitter for the first time ever (shocking, I know!) McKay sent me on a scavenger hunt all over north Dallas to find out where we were going for our anniversary.

(in rush hour, mind you...I was on the edge of my seat as we crept forward in bumper to bumper traffic) Eventually, we arrived at our destination:

The Melting Pot!

I've been wanting to go for years now. I was so so excited.

So delicious. So full. I didn't feel hungry until two days later.


Kim said...

How cute are you guys? The Melting Pot is super yummy .... especially the desserts. I'm so glad you take time to be a husband and wifey - it's so important! Congratulations, you oldyweds :)

The Desatoff Family said...

Yay for alone time! So sweet of him to put all that thought in to it :) It's the little stuff that matters! Happy aniversary you lovebirds.

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