Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Girl

We started the special day off with a birthday banner, of course:

Tyler helped me write the letters, and Jamie unrolled half a mile of ribbon around the living room, and I let her, because, you know, it was her birthday.

We had a lovely morning at Sprouts, picking up THREE pints of blueberries for our freshly turned one-year-old girl, and sampling all the bulk yummies.

Birthday Lunch! (Diapers following this feast were unusual.)

After naps, and after daddy came home, we started a new birthday tradition (thanks, NieNie)


We wrote birthday wishes on all the balloons:

and then let them go.

Our wonderful friends had us over for dinner, cake and games. We brought (what else?) a blueberry topped cake for Jamie:

Tyler couldn't help himself, and he helped Jamie blow out her candle.

Jamie picked off and ate each blueberry very meticulously

before diving into the cake-y goodness and demolishing it.

Happy Birthday Jamerson, we love you!


Kim said...

What a lucky girl to get a Katie Hinckley original Blueberry Cake for her first birthday! We love seeing updates of your adorable family. Love you guys!

Milko, Eve, Allison, And Joshua said...

I have some pictures of her on our blog, you are welcome to steal them :)

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