Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cheesecakes Galore

I know you are probably sick of seeing pictures of cakes here, but all I do anymore is bake cakes, so on the blog it goes.

McKay bragged to his co-workers long enough about my White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, and finally someone ordered one. McKay brought it to work on Friday, and promptly received another order.

For two cheesecakes. For the next day.

Tyler was all for this cheesecake factory business, and quite enjoyed the chocolate strawberry dipping portion of it. Here he is, marching around the house with his strawberry on a stick, chocolate gnawed off:

He proceeded to drop it on the floor, smash it under his foot, and was then delighted at the "flower" he had created.

Our kitchen is a disaster, we have a trash bag full of nothing but cream cheese wrappers and boxes, and the smell of cheesecake makes me slightly nauseated, but of the three that have made their way out of our kitchen, I haven't actually eaten any. McKay says it was fantastic (he got a piece at work from Cheesecake #1), so I guess I'll take his word.


Kristin said...

Katie! I am so impressed with your cakes and desserts. I miss living next door to you:) I am glad that you are able to make some money off of your amazing talent though. Hope that baby comes soon!!

The Coxes said...

Wow - that cake looks so yummy! Have you tried making a "groom's cake" with the chocolate-covered strawberries decorated like tuxedos? You could probably get good business there in Texas doing that! Kendy :)

The Grandmoo said...

Hi Katie It all looks so wonderful. Very Yummy.. Please E-mail me your new address so I can send things to you. You are so creative. Love you lots Debbie

Judy said...

Can I just say that cheesecake looks heavenly?!!!!!
I am so impressed!