Thursday, May 6, 2010

Four Years

4 years

3 homes

2 cars

1 baby (as of today)

and I still like to look at you like this:

Let's have four more years just as happy.


Cindy said...

"Happy Anniversary Baby(s)
Got you on my mi--ind!"
Happy anniversary to one of the cutest couples that I know. Keep counting them up :):):)

KM said...

Yay for your anniversary day! Love you guys!

Mom said...

4 Down,, forever to go!! Hello Tywers!! :))

The Grandmoo said...

Happy Anniversary, wow 4 already. Really great. You look marvelous you silly. Love you Gma

Patrick and Michelle Hinckley said...

KATIE happy anniversary! So I sent you a message on Facebook, call me sometime! Love you guys