Saturday, May 22, 2010

Working the cake business

McKay here with another post Katie is too modest to do and I am too proud to not do. But first, an anecdote: We were in the car today, introducing Tyler to some quality Pink Floyd- Another Brick in the Wall. When it was time for the children to sing, we told Tyler to yell "Hey! Teacher!" He then yells "Hey! Tyler!" The other day he was singing along to Led Zeppelin's Black Dog: "oh... oh... oh... oh..." Atta boy Tyler. Atta boy.

Katie got her first paying cake job/gig this week. It was for a 6 year old birthday party for a girl I work with. They wanted an Iron Man cake.

Two huge cakes:

Plus chocolate fudge mousse filling:

Put them together:

Smooth out the edges:

Add some Iron Man maroon icing and smooth it out:

Throw in a scary Iron Man mask (it creeped Katie out as she made it):

Add some borders:

And the lettering, made the day before:

Just so you can see how enormous this cake was, you can see it took up half the fridge:

This thing seriously weighed about the same as Tyler. Anyway, she now has 3 more requests, including 2 for her white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Mmmm...


Cindy said...

Way to go Katie!!! I'm with McKay--you may not want to brag, but I will do it for you :):):) I am so proud of the way you are developing your talents!
(And way to go Tyler with the Pink Floyd thing, at least I think...)

Marie said...

Oh my goodness! You are so talented, Katie! I see a side business in the making... Thanks for posting the step-by-step pictures, McKay.

Becca said...

Hey are you willing to share your white chocolate raspberry cheesecake recipe with your cousin?? Sounds very yummy!

Becca said...

And... because I'm scatter brained... Why didn't I know about this talent while you were living here?? I would have totally paid you to make Matt's sponge bob cake last year!

Kim said...

Katie Bug! You are so amazing! My cake talents end at Betty Crocker box mixes. I am so impressed, mostly by the fact that there are not Tyler finger swipes in the cake! How do you make such awesome creations with a toddler running around? You are a great multi-tasker and you will be a pro with multiple children! Love you!

The Grandmoo said...

Hi Katie Bug, I knew you had to have your artistic talents come out. And to have it come out on a side job for you guys is great. You always had a talent in drawing. Good for McKay to let us know you are doing fun things. It all looks so good. Love to you all. Tyler is exceptional. Your Grandmoo

The Coxes said...

What an awesome cake!! You have a gift! Kendy :)