Saturday, June 5, 2010

Misc Adventures

Katie doesn't have a whole lot of energy for blogging these days, so I just thought I would throw out some gems. The other day we were on our way out the door to church when we discovered that Tyler had been paying close attention to Katie as she was getting ready:

Yes, he managed to do his own application of her eyeshadow (and his eyes are fine- he just squints at the camera sometimes). Really, Bud? Fortunately, I thinking he's moving in a different direction:

Let's just hope he doesn't get carried away, like our good friend George Michael:

It's occurred to me that we don't very often post videos of Tyler so here are a few recent ones just for fun. Here he has discovered what springtime in Texas means. He gets wet on the balcony, and then he is scared by the ants which someone in our house *ahem* invited by pouring a bag of sugar on our little herb pots out there.

Last tidbit here comes from one of Tyler's earlier adventures on the bathroom counter, shortly after we moved in and there was so much to explore. My favorite is the 4 Tylers that seem to be conspiring with each other:

Well, that's all the time I have tonight, which means the video of Tyler doing the Beat It dance will have to wait. It's coming, though. Rest assured it's coming.


The Grandmoo said...

Love watching videos of Tyler. He is so cute. Keep them coming! Did you ever find the camera or your phone? I bet one of the four Tylers may have a clue. Ha Love you all

The Coxes said...

Tell Tyler that Aunt Kendy thinks he looks cute with eye shadow on. :) Wish I could have seen those videos - they wouldn't come up for me...