Monday, July 7, 2014

June 29 - July 5

Sunday, June 29: I taught the lesson in YW, "How to Sustain Your Leaders" (hoooo boy), and after church we went on a hike around part of White Rock Lake. We had plenty of bug spray, but definitely not enough water. Tyler had fun pointing out “hydrangeas”, basically any flowers in a ball shape. When we go on walks during the week, I try to teach the kids different types of flowers to keep their interest up and the screaming and fighting to a minimum :)

Monday, June 30: Barbara came over in the morning for visiting teaching. Later, my family book came in the mail!
That night Richard and my dad (who had just flown into town for the week) came over for dinner. I ordered in Papa John’s and we had a lovely evening.

Uncle Richard's mini is the best!

Puzzles with Grandpa!

Tuesday, July 1: Tuesday was a sad day full of dentist and doctor appointments. All of them were regular checkups, and we almost got off scot free–one cavity among the four of us, and a general floss more scolding. McKay and I took Tyler and Jamie out for ice cream at the end of this traumatizing day.

Wednesday, July 2: The kids and I went to the summer movies at Cinemark, where they were playing Turbo. After lunch, we headed out to Legoland to spend the day with Grandpa, Uncle Richard, and Cody, and then Golden Corral for dinner.

McKay had to work and couldn’t come with us, but he self-soothed with an evening of geocaching and a pizza from Cane Russo.

Thursday, July 3: We held a fun playgroup here

Friday, July 4: Fourth of July Hinckley BBQ at our place!

Star Spangled hair on this America girl :)

Grilling up our very favorite fall apart ribs!

Berry Trifle appears again!

We ended up with an hour to fill and five very bored kids. Our sprinkler turned up broker, thus, the most Redneck of all BBQs began: spraying kids with a hose!

This one didn't mind one bit :)

Saturday, July 5: Busy day! Home Depot building workshop,

Angry Birds party at the library,

Our Angry Birds - bird feeders :)
Mommy time at Bath and Body Works for their big semi-annual sale, then at the end of the day, I met Richard and a few friends in Uptown for dinner.

Funny things:

  • Tyler knocked over Jamie's legos, and was pretty upset with himself: “I thought I would get arrested!”
  • After a long, hard car ride of tattling on Jamie for an hour, even Tyler was feeling the strain: “I am just a spy for Jamie for the rest of my life! A spy! For my whole life! Are you happy? Why are you laughing!!”
  • Tyler, to Jamie while she messed with whatever he was playing with “You’re making me fail!”
(Oh, the fighting...I think we're all pretty ready for school to start again :) )
  • Whenever Jamie wears a headband, she purposely pulls it down across her forehead Coachella style:

...which reminds me of this:

I framed our family tree from the Hinckley reunion: 

And last but not least, a garden update:
First planted in May...
And now! I'm so proud.

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