Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 13 - July 19

Sunday, July 13: After church I met my study group up in Denton. Jamie and Tyler spent the evening in costume, Tyler as the Hulk, then Thor, and finally Iron Man. Jamie kept it simple:

This was the moment she stopped being okay with the papparazzi.

Tuesday, July 15: McKay’s day home was most unfortunately spent uniform shopping across Dallas. Eleven stops! Or so Tyler tells me. Poor little guy was dragging by the end. We took pity on the kids and stopped in the middle of our errand running to check out Monster Yogurt. It was a fun little frozen yogurt place with a playplace inside! Turns out this place is one of the best places to eat dessert in Dallas, according to D Magazine!

Wednesday, July 16: Abby watched the kids while I was at class. They had such a fun time playing at the Hatch’s house.  

Thursday, July 17: Thursday morning was the start of several very rainy days. The temperatures dipped down into the 70s, and it was gorgeous. I got a little taste of running in the cool weather that night, and oh man it was glorious. Come on October!
Sleepy in the stormy morning.

Fall semester is closing in; it’s time to start doing all the things I’ve put off all summer. Number one on that list: the last Hep B shot for me up in Plano (OUCH), a trip to Costco, and a stop at Grandma’s house to wish her happy birthday. We lingered there long enough to break out our new pack of uncooked tortillas from Costco and made yummy fajitas and red rice for everyone there.

Friday, July 18: More uniform shopping. Ughhh. It’s like throwing money into the wind everyday, and the kids are so done with all this shopping, but we still need to locate the right navy blue “modesty” shorts to go under Jamie’s jumper, and a new supply of socks for the school year. I have no idea where literally half of last year’s socks went. At bedtime, Jamie got really into brushing her hair. It got bigger and bigger:

Saturday, July 19: I promised the kids we would make up for missing donut day on Thursday. We went to check out this hipster place on the other side of White Rock Lake called Hypnotic Donuts. Supposedly 90% of Dallas’s donut shops get frozen donut dough from the same supplier, and that’s why they all taste the same. A handful of donuts make their own yeast donuts from scratch each morning, and this place is one of them. They were so yummy! Appropriately, there was a 25 minute wait to order. The line snaked out the door and down the sidewalk. All the artwork looked like that episode of Portlandia, and the menus were paperclipped to the backs of vintage vinyls. It was interesting for sure, but I’m still not clear on if I’m cool enough to eat there again J

We brought a dozen donut holes to Clarice and Carter’s house to play for a good chunk of the afternoon. I love looking around their house. It’s the same blueprint as our house, but Clarice has done so much work on hers; it looks amazing! It’s what our house wishes it could be J Back at home, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the disgusting garage. We broke out some sparklers for the kids after dark.

Jamie got scared of the sparklers when she found out they sort of pop and flash at the end. She would only hold another one if she could stay inside while the sparkler stayed outside, and Daddy kept a close eye on the whole situation :)

Funny Things:
  • Tyler was building a Lego tower, and Jamie was being mischievous and knocking off pieces. Tyler got frustrated and shouted, “You’re making me fail!”
  • McKay convinced Tyler to try BBQ sauce for the first time. His eyes widened, and he shouted, “I LOVE IT! I love BBQ sauce!!” It was pretty funny.
  • Grandma Hinckley gave Jamie a doggie purse for her birthday. It has not left her arm in days. She carries a little purple cat named Glamour around in the dog purse, and these two toys keep her busy for hours.
  • At bedtime, Jamie has a silly game she likes to play: Jamie sticks her tongue out when I try to give her a kiss. I say “Hey!” and pull back. She laughs and says, “And another?” and sticks her tongue back out.
  • Tyler and Jamie were fighting on the way home from a family dinner. I was pretty tired of the constant bickering, and I asked them both to think of something nice to say about the other person. Tyler had a really hard time coming up with something nice to say about Jamie. In frustration/alarm, he wailed, “Oh no! I will never think again!”

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