Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 22 - June 28

Sunday, June 22: We were pretty wiped out from the trip, so this day was a bit of a blur. I finally ordered our 2006-2008 family book, and I am so excited for it to get here, I actually paid for express shipping; shocking!

Monday, June 23: I took the kids shopping to get ready for Jamie’s birthday party:

and then spent the evening making decorations with McKay while watching the new season of Orange is the New Black. Piper can just serve her sentence quietly in the background; I love Crazy Eyes :) By the way, McKay is the master of tissue paper puff making. Also, news broke about Kate Kelly's excommunication. (I haven’t said much about it to anyone besides McKay and even that has been sparse, partly because I am nervous about the number of people who are being disciplined right now, but mostly because I am so sad and disappointed. That is all.)

Tuesday, June 24: Jamie’s 4th birthday! McKay woke up early to go get donuts for breakfast, yum! We invited a bunch of friends over for the party, and everyone on the invite list came! It was chaos!

We had to do games in shifts because we definitely did not have enough chairs!

Grandma kept Bronxie from stealing everyone's snacks and mauling babies.
Jamie had requested a princess party, but no one in particular, so we centered it around my favorite go-getter princess movies: Tangled, Brave, and Frozen.

We did an art project like Rapunzel with coloring and stickers:

 We played with “snow” like Anna and Elsa:

 and then shot arrows at a target like Merida:

 There were Rice Krispie treats and fruit and dip to keep it pretty simple. No crazy cakes today :)
Everyone had a really fun time!

Jamie caught about a billion puzzles for her birthday because her obsession for them knows no bounds.

Tyler got Jamie a gift, a little Toothless!
And then Jamie opened her present from Grandma Eatough, The Lego Movie. Holy Cow was there celebration after that.

Love this girl :)
Candles later that night because we forgot to sing to her at her party earlier :) Oops!
Happy birthday, baby girl, we love you!

Thursday, June 26: Fun playgroup at the Kraniski’s in the morning, and McKay’s work did a World Cup lunch/happy hour for them.

Friday, June 27: This was a nice lazy day spent playing with the kids, baking the cake, and getting things ready for the baby shower.

Saturday, June 28: Cindy, Marie and I threw a Rapunzel themed baby shower for Michelle and Patrick. I reused most of the decorations from Jamie’s party, and we had a lovely time.

Cindy and I went a little nutso with the baby clothes as decorations! This baby has a pretty impressive wardrobe already :)

We made a "guestbook" for the baby shower. Each guest signed her name on a lantern and glued it to the canvas. It turned out super cute!

Everyone chose a letter and drew a picture for it, to be bound in an ABC's book later.

Then we played Name That Tune baby shower style, where each song had the word "baby" in the title. It was really fun!

Funny Things:

  •  Tyler does or says in his sleep often. One night this week, he was up several times. The first time, he ran out of his room, terrified, and buried his face in my pillow. “Mom! Can you close it!?” I went in his room to find his Calvin and Hobbes book propped open on his chair to this page:
    And I couldn’t really blame him J
  • Then around 3 in the morning he came back into our room. “Mom, I can’t sleep. There are too many spiders on my pillow. I think there are three or a hundred.” I don’t remember opening my eyes. I just reached for my own pillow and handed it to him, and he walked out with it and I didn’t hear anything else for the rest of the night. And I was so tired that I just slept the rest of the night with a decorative pillow.
  • Jamie loves the Lego Movie good cop when his face is redrawn. She calls him the Scribble Scrabble Good Cop, and she laughs herself silly whenever she sees him. 

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