Friday, January 31, 2014

January 19 - January 25

Sunday, January 19: McKay filled in for the organist, and I filled in as primary chorister. Tyler passed off his 2nd Article of Faith, which he’s been excited about. He did the first one a few weeks ago. I then spent pretty well the rest of the day studying. McKay took the kids to the park with Bronx. They had a fun time throwing the ball across the field for Bronx and watching him tear after it. Our Sunday afternoon movie was Hello Dolly! Tyler and Jamie were very entertained to hear "Put On Your Sunday Clothes", which they know very well from Wall-E. 

Monday, January 20: My visiting teacher came over, and I had totally forgotten about the appointment! I was in my gross cleaning clothes when she called to say she was 5 minutes away. At least the house was clean, right? It was MLK day, so Tyler, Jamie and I were all home from school. We all loved having the down day. I spent the evening building the number 100 out of legos with Tyler for his 100 Day celebration the next day.

Tuesday 21: Tyler’s 100th day of school! Dressed up like a newsie, I didn’t really understand you were supposed to dress like an actual od person, there were kids with canes and robes and rollers, and white wigs. Ah well, the teachers just fawned over him J He’s a pretty cute kid.

 McKay took Jamie to the library, Target, and Great American Hero, picked up Tyler, worked on accordion musical number, went to Kroger, watching Breaking Bad. I spent a lot of today at school being a little sad about being done with hard science classes. Now that nursing school has actually begun, a lot of it revolves around learned to be a nurse, as in learning to chart, to change sheets, and small things like that. I loved microbiology and anatomy, and I especially enjoyed pathophysiology. But I was glad today to discover that I still feel excited about actually being a nurse. I have a few good professors, and a few who are not so great. The good ones keep me excited about my chosen career, and the not so good ones? I guess I'll just have to power through :)

Wednesday 22: After the kids went to sleep, McKay and I watched Captain Phillips. What a stressful movie!

Thursday 23: I had to go get my second round of immunizations. At least it was only two shots today instead of five like last time.The best part of it all was when Jamie looked up from reading her book, saw me watching the nurse poke the immunization in my arm, and glared at me and shouted “MOM! Close yo eyes! And fink of sumfing HAPPY!” If you aren't a Daniel Tiger fan, this makes no sense to you, but if you are, you'll laugh as hard as I did :)  After we got home, I practiced taking my own blood pressure until my fingers were cold and numb, but I did it! I heard the sounds! We watched the Bitters' kids that night. The kids snuck off with my phone and recorded all their silly Mr. Potato Head creations:

Saturday 25: We had two birthday parties on Saturday, and they took up most of the day. First, we had our neighbor Carter's dinosaur party to go to. We got him a pirate ship, and he was very, very interested in it as we were leaving. Clarice, his mom texted me later to let me know that we have created a pirate obsession in him since J 

 Allison’s party was a really cool fairy princess party.  Eve always does such a great job with her kids’ parties. It was a dress-up party, mainly for the little girls to dress as princesses and fairies, but Tyler really wanted to dress up too. His choice was a little less magical, though:
 Yes, that's the Hulk. At a fairy princess party.

 But Jamie let me dress her up as Merida, and that was so awesome :) A dad who was there kept saying "Someone needs to instagram that little Merida!"

 Jamie really wanted to keep the fairy princess necklace we got for Allison, and kept sneaking the little present off the present table during the party while I wasn’t watching.I got to talk to my old friend Claudia, who is also in nursing school, but at Collin College in Frisco. I had to swing by the grocery store afterwards, and  everyone at the store loved the costumes, especially the idea of the Hulk at a fairy princess party. I spent the evening baking cakes with McKay for the next day while we listened to Dane Cook’s greatest hits album.

Funny Things:

  •  McKay: "One of the more sublime parts of my job is listening to scammers trying to pass themselves off as women. They sound like Mrs. Featherbottom.”
  • Tyler: "There was a really funny, silly song I heard. It goes...umm....super...docious...fragis...salad."
  • Tyler: "Long neck dinosaurs are nice, right? But carnival dinosaurs are not."
  • Jamie has been running around all week playing with a surgical mask I brought home from clinicals. More often than not, it is the only thing she's wearing.

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