Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 15-21

Sunday, December 15th: Thank goodness we planned the party for the 14th, because all four of us woke up on the 15th with colds. We stayed home from church and had a sick day putting the house back together. We iced Christmas cookies, but by bedtime, Tyler was feeling so yucky that he let us give him medicine, which means he really felt sick. McKay gave him a blessing too, and after a few hours of snuggling with me and the heating pad, he fell asleep.

 Still not feeling great :/

Monday, December 16th: McKay stayed home from work sick, but the kids and I were feeling better, so I took the kids up to Plano to pick up our Christmas cards from Costco. They turned out so great!

We got lunch too, which we normally do when we visit Costco. You just can't get a slice of pizza that huge anywhere else :) When we got back, McKay told me about his nap he took, which apparently was the greatest nap ever. I just laughed, and told him we are getting so old. All we really get excited about anymore are naps and leftover sweet potato casserole.

Tuesday, December 17th: Our friends the Bitters had their final walkthrough for their new home in Trophy Club (doesn't that sound fancy?), so we watched their three kids from 1 to 7.  Halfway through that, we had some other friends drop by for a surprise visit with their two kids. It was a pretty insane day! McKay finished raking up leaves, and the older kids helped me bake nearly 40 mini loaves of Almond Poppyseed Bread to give out to our friends and family.

I took Tyler shopping later, and he thought posing in this cardboard cut out was just the greatest thing ever. "Take more pictures, Mom!" "How about this face, Mom? This one!" "Ohhhhh now this one!"

Wednesday, December 18th: Today turned out to be a sad day. I was excited all day about going to Tyler's Holiday Concert with all the kindergarteners singing, thinking it was going to be that night at 6PM. When I picked him up from school, he looked so sad and downcast, and just handed me a note with tears in his eyes that said "Mom you didn't come to my concert." It had been at 10AM! I was so, so, so upset. I pulled the car over and hugged him for a long time, trying to explain that I didn't mean to miss it, and I was so sad about it. I got back in the driver's seat and just cried while I drove home. And then cried some more at home. And cried all afternoon whenever I thought about it. Tyler was watching me at one point, and he walked over to me and climbed in my lap and told me "Mommy, I still love you." It was so sweet, and I felt slightly better, knowing that he could tell how upset I was. I grew up in a pretty big family, and it was somewhat rare that my parents were able to attend whatever assembly, concert, track meet, or dance rally that I was performing in, so I know that awful feeling pretty well. I spent the rest of the day making it up to Tyler, and that night, he treated McKay and I to a performance of all his winter songs in our living room on a stage that we built out of chairs. It was so sweet, and he even told us he liked singing for us at home better than at school with everyone.

Thursday, December 19th: Tyler's class had a Polar Express pajama party to celebrate their last day of school, and I came to school with him to help out. All the kids had brought treats to share (Tyler and I had brought cinnamon rolls), and Tyler's teacher, Ms. Hobson had bought a little toy rooster from Portugal for each kid in the class. I had a great time sitting and talking with Ms. Hobson (Sarah), while the kids all danced to music, and "What Does the Fox Say?" That video is the first pop culture phenomenon that one of my children knew about before me. Is this what getting old feels like? Jamie came with me, and she had a really fun time being with all the big kids in Tyler's class.  McKay's fancy new coat came in the mail, and I think he looks rather nice in it :)

Friday, December 20th: Our ugly sweaters got a second go around when our friends up in Plano threw an Ugly Sweater party of their own. There were activities for kids, and another Elephant gift exchange. I unwrapped a set of playdough. Since Jamie happened to be in my lap at the time, she got real excited about taking "her" new playdough home. I let everyone know that if they stole it, they'd have to answer to her. We got to keep it :) There were activities for kids, and we brought our signature Holiday Cranberry drink: two bottles of Martinelli's cider, 3 liters of Sprite, and two cans of frozen cranberry juice concentrate. Try it, everyone will love you! We had a really fun night :)
 Some dancing games, I think?

 She was pretty much over Christmas parties by this point.

Our best attempts at a family photo.

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