Friday, January 31, 2014

January 12 - January 18

Sunday, January 12: Our first Sunday back home started off at 9AM, which is killer to get used to (we had 11:30 last year). It was also Jamie’s first day in Primary! She did so well! She did want to sit by McKay at the piano, but otherwise, she really enjoyed it! I decided that Sunday afternoon is a great time for good old movies. We watched Meet Me In St. Louis the last Sunday we had at home, and today we rented The Wizard of Oz on iTunes. I've been hyping it up for a few weeks since we got that crazy Wizard of Oz pop up book. I had even sung some of the songs for them, to their delight. Their favorite part of the movie by far was when the lion sings “the noive (nerve)” from “If I Only Had a Brain.” Since then, they’ve been going around saying “the noive!” I got really nervous that night about school starting the next day, and had a little cry after church. Then I got to explain the physiology of crying to a very interested McKay (stress hormones being released and all).

Monday, January 13: My first day of school, and the first of many, many orientations this semesters. So much threatening, so very little real information J

Tuesday 14: First day of Pharmacology and also for Concepts. I was pretty exhausted when I got home, but we needed to get ready for dinner with my dad, who was in town for business again. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to see not just my dad, but my mom with him! I was actually stunned! She hasn't visited Texas since Jamie was born, and I was completely surprised. She was so pleased :) We had dinner with all the grandparents, my parents and McKay's parents at Love and War in Texas up in Plano. My parents had rented this sweet Mustang for the week, and though they acted bewildered, I think they secretly enjoyed it :)

Thursday, January 16: My mom came over while my dad worked, and we had a really great day. I actually kept Tyler home from school, because how often does he get to spend all day with Grandma Eatough? I took my mom to Central Market to get her favorite Texas souvenir, freshly made almond butter. Tyler and Jamie got their regular: Central Market balloons! My dad finished work, and we went out to Black Eyed Pea for dinner. My dad got actual black eyes peas with his dinner, and my mom got the sweet potato sides. I love how they really enjoy all the southern stuff while they are here.

Friday, January 17: Mom came over early to be with Jamie while I was at school, and she brought waffles for everyone’s breakfast. I had a hard day in lab. My teacher was also a mom while she was in nursing school herself, and she really wanted to talk about being a mom while in school. I absolutely did not want to discuss it, because it's hard to think about without crying. Which I ended up doing. In the middle of lab. So embarrassing. It's easier to just compartmentalize, leaving thoughts about the kids at home while I’m at school, and working hard to fully be with them when I’m home instead of worrying about school. Anyway, I got home in time to see Dad for a few minutes before he left town. My mom stayed at our place that night, and we had Papa John’s for dinner, yum! Tyler and Jamie watched the windows for half an hour, looking for the “pizza taxi” :)

Saturday 18: I woke up extra early to take my mom to the airport for her 7:30 flight. Would you believe TSA made her throw away her almond butter?! L McKay had to work, but the kids and I took it easy after such a long crazy week.

Funny Things: 

  • Tyler: "I saw a possum, and it was extinct!"
  • Tyler: "I baptized myself a little bit."

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